The best wedding photographers in Naples, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast of Italy - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers from Naples to the Amalfi Coast of Italy,
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Based in Verona, Italy but available across the globe, Francesco Bognin has mastered the art of telling beautiful stories with his lens on your wedding day. Francesco views life through the eye of an artist and uses this quality to capture your day elegantly and naturally - respecting and capturing the features that make your special day unique. His elegant, phenomenal portfolio is comprised of brilliant fine-art and photojournalistic images that will truly stand the test of time. As a gentleman and true professional, Francesco Bognin will make the entire experience a breeze as he creates his one-of-a-kind imagery.
If you were to ask Antonio, he would not attempt to define his photography style in any special words or terms; he simply believes in his special approach to capturing weddings. This humble family man enjoys the challenge of transforming a love story into individual images, as well as being an incredible support system to his bride and groom. Antonio offers the perfect balance of documentary and editorial imagery, revealing the important narrative to every wedding while also infusing his creativity and artistry. He has the talent to absorb the couple's vision and the atmosphere around him, therefor reflecting it into his photographs. Romantic, crisp, high-quality images are his promise and specialty.
For Manuel and Anna, the duo of Duepunti, wedding photography doubles as narration. And in that narration they want to fully document the emotions, feelings, and complete atmosphere that surrounds you and your family on your special day. Manuel and Anna are a couple in love who have studied photography, and consequently understand the importance of what photography captures, and not just the skill and utility of the craft. Their understated, artistic photography beautifully embraces the natural light and hues of any setting. Whether your wedding is in Italy, or in a different country across the globe, these two will capture every shared and private moment of the magical day.
Paco, Andrea, and Giacomo are three Italians with wanderlust in their souls and a shared passion for photography; once the stars aligned and Aberrazioni Cromatiche was created, these three friends officially dedicated their lives to the art of storytelling. Attracted to real life spontaneity and chaos, they work in a photojournalism style in order to allow the images to tell the story naturally without interruptions or direction. Professional, kind, and creative, Aberrazioni Cromatiche offers wedding coverage unlike anyone else -- with three separate talents and perspectives, they are able to collaborate and create unique documentation with breathtaking still photographs and intimate video. Available worldwide.
The artistry and talent of Roberto Panciatici may be what draws you into his brilliant photography, but his free-spirited, optimistic attitude will have you become a long-time fan. A true gentleman and professional, Roberto exudes enthusiasm while still capturing intimate, romantic moments of couples around the world. His passion for documenting stories is palpable in his presence and his images. Curious and always on the move, he continually searches for new perspectives and new love to embrace. By discovering photography, Roberto in turn discovered his true self; now with his expertise, he can document life's most important moments like no one else can. Available worldwide.
Documenting your wedding with a fresh, creative, and delicate eye, the incredibly talented Peggy Picot of Maison Pestea is a hopeless romantic who goes above and beyond to make sure she captures the authentic connections and intimate moments between you and your loved ones. A brilliant storyteller, Peggy's photographs will take you on a romantic journey - her images will give you chills, blow your mind, and make you laugh and cry all at the same time. We cannot get enough of Peggy's stunning portfolio - you will fall in love how she captures every minute detail, makes every couple look like pure perfection, and how every image is perfectly exposed, focusing on the beauty of her subjects. For unscripted, natural, and unpretentious wedding photographs that you will cherish forever, contact Peggy now. Based in Italy and France, she loves to travel around Europe, especially if it's to document your happy ever after.
LaTo Photography is the combination of Laura and Tommy -- a warm, sweet-tempered couple that just happens to also be an amazingly talented duo. What started off as simply their passion, soon transitioned into their full-time profession. Now they travel the world doing what they love: meeting new people, learning stories, and retelling them through innovative images. Offering photography, videography, as well as their cool, fun stop-motion films, Laura and Tommy capture each minute of your big day as it naturally unfolds, turning ordinary moments into beautiful memories. And, all while pouring their heart and soul into their work. Available in New Zealand, Italy, and worldwide.
Luca Rea and Sandro Di Vona are the talented duo behind Mediterranean Photography, specializing in creative wedding photography across Europe and Italy. Their mission is to accurately represent every couple they photograph by actively participating in their wedding day, as opposed to simply observing from a distance. As a result, their images take you back to experience the day’s emotion time and time again. Luca and Sandro consider this their dream job, and there is nothing they enjoy more than traveling to faraway places, meeting new people, and capturing precious memories behind the camera.
Federica has found her identity within photography and the art of capturing the world’s beauty. Whether that be the ocean, a busy city street, or two people professing their love for one another, Federica is fulfilled in a multitude of ways while she works behind the camera. Her work is romantically intimate and honest while the colors and hues illuminate strongly through each image. As a citizen of the world, Federica is more than willing to travel and explore, to try something new, and to experiment with a unique, personalized shoot. She wants every couple to feel like their true selves while being documented, and for the memories and details of their wedding day to live forever.
Sergio Sarnicola is a truly passionate person whose enthusiasm for photography as a form of art radiates constantly. In his eyes, every wedding is unique and deserves a fresh approach to measure with an authentic style. It also has the ability to direct his subjects the perfect amount, which allows you to be yourself and still get the best shots. Beautifully vibrant, surprising, and penetrating photographs that convey the emotion of a moment are his specialty. He loves to travel and is available throughout Italy and the world.
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