The best wedding photographers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen and the rest of Scotland - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come. That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in Scotland, and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Born and raised in Scotland, Claire Juliet Paton’s work exemplifies the enchanting beauty of both the Scottish landscape and the love between the couples she shoots. All of her images are filled with vividness and clarity, with velvety color that is deliciously dense and rich. Her perspective is honest and true, putting you directly in the shoes of a quiet onlooker. Valuing the undeniable beauty of film photography, Claire also brings these qualities into her editing making her images full of texture and dynamic range. Claire takes the best aspects of classic photography and infuses it with her artistry, making your wedding images completely timeless yet authentic. Travels worldwide.
Giving himself fully, artistically and emotionally, to every couple he works with is just one way Patrick strengthens his connection between photography and people. It’s the combination of shooting human subjects and their natural interactions that’s his truest passion; working alongside others on a wedding day brings him motivation and a joyful energy. Patrick’s imagery utilizes candid moments with the perfect addition of styled portraits, producing a well-rounded collection of photos that give a complete story of your wedding celebration. With his love of traveling and the outdoors, Patrick is available to document special events near or far from Scotland.
Martijn has wisely discovered that the only way to truly cherish your wedding photos is by seeing your true self within the images. For this reason, his motive is clear while shooting engagements and weddings - he aims to create pure photographs that make you feel genuine happiness. Then with the infusion of artistry and creativity, his work becomes completely unique; all this combined yields his original art, created specifically for you. His professionalism and enthusiasm make him a joy to work with, leaving you and all your loved ones to bask in the fun and excitement of such an important day - wherever in the world it may be.
Regarded as the pioneers of modern wedding photography in Poland, this duo is expanding internationally and growing ever more talented. The Snap Shots, Natalia and Marcin, have been shooting together since 2007, capturing over 300 weddings. Together with their incredibly adventurous and optimistic personalities, they have built a photography style focused on creative documentation and making each session unique and authentic. Their intimate, meaningful imagery celebrates nature and the connection of two people, in such an awe-inspiring way. Stay wild and free with The Snap Shots, available worldwide.
Capturing moments and memories are what drives Andrew Rae as a wedding photographer. He sincerely values the trust placed in him to document your wedding day. He’s drawn to couples who value photography and that know the most genuine moments don't come from uncomfortable poses or overly-planned shots. With these ingredients, and the addition of genuine passion for his craft, his classically elegant and timeless photographs are born. Andrew has a stunning ability to freeze moments in time, capturing even the fleeting, unexpected emotions and reactions that make up a wedding day. Based in Scotland, but always enjoying destination weddings, Andrew Rae and his camera are ready to share in the excitement of your celebration.
Full of passion and sincerity, it doesn't take long to appreciate the effortless, understated beauty present in Caro's work. With an unobtrusive documentary style, she takes a nontraditional approach when it comes to wedding photography - no awkward posing or feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera. Caro possesses the innate ability to put her couples at ease, allowing her to capture all of the gorgeous, candid moments as they unfold in front of her. From wide shots of the ceremony to close-ups of all the special, delicate details, Caro delivers beautifully crafted photos with varying compositions, lovely color palettes, and all of the authentic emotion that was present in the moment. Based in Glasgow, Caro will travel anywhere in the world to document your special day.
Maria lives for the simple things in life. Adventure. Love. Dogs. She appreciates the little moments that make life special, just as much as the big ones. With a spirit of exploration guiding her, and the company of partner Ingo and her beloved dog Bino, Maria’s greatest delight is to hold a camera in hand and preserve the poignancy of the precious moments that surround her. Maria finds her greatest elation in the opportunity to bear witness to a love story, using her signature style to create moody, rich and deeply emotive images. She will take the time to get to know every couple she photographs to learn their story, capturing their spirit and catching that raw emotion in a snapshot. Although based in Germany, Maria always has her bags packed, ready to travel anywhere to tell your story.
Behind The Gibsons is an amazingly talented husband and wife team - Chantal and Scott. Together they have created a business where passion is plentiful and dedication is always delivered. From Chantal's happy-go-lucky spirit to Scott's unflappable reliability, they create the most charming of dynamic duos. But don't look past their incredible imagery, which matches the standard of their phenomenal customer service. Together they produce images that are timeless, romantic and natural - a great way to immortalize your special day. Chantal and Scott will be honored to do the job. Available worldwide.
If you are drawn to words like ‘alternative’ and ‘original’ while still admiring high-quality photography, lucky for you there's a pretty incredible option right out of North-East England. The idea of GASP Photo was born when Jade, the mastermind behind it all, saw a void within the industry for non-traditional, one-of-a-kind wedding photography. Seven years later and she has more than filled that void, creating artistic, spirited imagery full of life, color and unconventionality for whimsical couples near and far. The team at GASP has made the process of having your picture taken fun and breezy, all while you receive the best in professional attention and technicality. And, of course, exquisitely rich, beautiful photographs to last a lifetime.
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