The best wedding photographers in Florida covering Miami, Palm Beach, Boca, and Key West - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best Florida wedding photographers in Miami, Boca, Palm Beach, Key West
and around the world, so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Erika Diaz of Southern Florida has a deep passion for creating relationships, for the zest in life, for meaningful connection, and of course, photography. Shooting your engagement or wedding is just the start, as she dedicates herself to capturing the uniqueness of you and your significant other and all the little moments and memories that bring smiles and tears. Erika’s imagery is contemporary wedding photography at its finest; refined, rich, natural, and intimate. It’s her goal to utilize her own creativity while using your own individuality to create beautiful photographs that tell a truthful story of your love.
Becca Borge is forever grateful to be a wedding photographer, because it means that she is surrounded by precious moments and meaningful relationships. She gets to photograph those moments with her business and life partner, her husband Kevin. Together, they have traveled around the United States and beyond to capture love in images. Becca becomes fully invested in your story and that dedication shines through in her work. Years after you say I Do, it will be those sweet moments that you will want to look back on. Becca understands that it will always be those moments that we cherish most. Those are the things worth remembering in photographs.
Wearing her heart on her sleeve and her camera on her shoulder, multi-award winning international photographer Shauna Heron travels the world documenting connections and translating them in honest and unexpected ways. Capturing the natural, in-between moments of life, Shauna draws our attention to the beauty in these slight glances, subtle touches and emotional interactions. Her work is honest and unexpected, and beautifully communicates how the day must have felt to her clients. With her great sense of humor and warm personality, Shauna is a joy to work with from start to finish, pouring her heart into every story she tells. When you look at Shauna's portfolio, you will fall in love with the simplicity of her images and the timeless, breathtaking memories she creates. A destination photographer, Shauna is located in South Florida, but willing to travel around the globe to document your unique love story.
Ben and Erin Chrisman take pictures that show us how important love is. Creating lushly saturated color photos and rich black and whites that are sassy, surprising, and down-right sexy, they're masters at capturing moments that will never happen again and revealing them in a way you'll never want to forget. Living in the San Francisco Bay area, they spend most of their time on the road photographing weddings around the world for couples that seek them out for their renowned artistry. Seeing the beauty, joy and intimacy revealed in their photographs, it's clear they have found their true path and have simply fallen in love with it.
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