The best wedding photographers in Melbourne, Australia - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers from Victoria, Australia
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Though her career has led her to work in fashion, commercial, and editorial work, nothing has ignited a passion for Caroline Sada’s craft quite like wedding photography. Her travels have brought her around the world and she has finally landed in Australia, where she is able to take advantage of the scenic landscape and natural lighting in her photos. Caroline’s style is full of romance and moodiness, combining a blend of fine art and documentary approaches to create unique and beautiful images that can be enjoyed for years to come. Caroline Sada Photography is based in Melbourne and available worldwide.
Being a photographer has given Daniel Milligan an adjusted perspective on life; he sees and feels things around him in a different, yet more insightful, way. Capturing a wedding puts his perceptive talent to good use, as he sees all moments as equally important and meaningful. Every photo Daniel takes has its own significant place within the story, fully documenting the emotion, words, action and sentiment involved that make a wedding day so unbelievably special. His work is truly overflowing with the elements that make photographs beautiful - honesty and authenticity, with an added artistry that can’t be duplicated by anyone else.
Madeline has a magic quality that sets her apart; her personality and photography style go hand in hand, creating an experience like no other - vibrant, colorful, approachable, and charming. With all the chaos spawned from a wedding, Madeline is able to bring it all together, keeping you focused on the bliss of the moment. Every photo she captures acts as a window, bringing you deep into the image to feel, see, and hear the environment. Consistently electric and vivid, the powerful effect of the image is never diminished no matter how many times it’s viewed. Based in Melbourne, Madeline Kate Photography is available worldwide.
Darin Collison is clearly head over heels in love with wedding photography, and it shows in every one of his artistic, authentic images. He obviously can't wait to find touching, spontaneous moments as they appear, and although he never forces his clients to strike the perfect pose, he always seems to bring out the very best in them. Lucky couples and families who have worked with Darin simply rave about his work saying his photos are spectacular, his albums are breathtaking, and his customer service is a dream from start to finish.
Maria lives for the simple things in life. Adventure. Love. Dogs. She appreciates the little moments that make life special, just as much as the big ones. With a spirit of exploration guiding her, and the company of partner Ingo and her beloved dog Bino, Maria’s greatest delight is to hold a camera in hand and preserve the poignancy of the precious moments that surround her. Maria finds her greatest elation in the opportunity to bear witness to a love story, using her signature style to create moody, rich and deeply emotive images. She will take the time to get to know every couple she photographs to learn their story, capturing their spirit and catching that raw emotion in a snapshot. Although based in Germany, Maria always has her bags packed, ready to travel anywhere to tell your story.
This dynamic, sweet-natured artist has quite the story and quite the talent. Based in Melbourne, Catherine Forge began her career as a historian before diving full-time into wedding photography. This unique characteristic powers her love for human documentation and storytelling, now with an addition of artistry and creativity. Catherine focuses on the emotions and interactions happening throughout weddings, catching all the little quirks and spontaneous occurrences. Growing up in the countryside also established her connection to the outdoors and lead her to have a special place in her heart for casual, outdoor weddings. For natural, unobtrusive documentation of such a beautiful event, Catherine Forge is an unmistakable choice.
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