The best wedding photographers in Manchester, Liverpool, and the rest of Northern England - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come. That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in Northern England, and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Award-winning photographers, Dom and Liam Shaw, of York Place Studios, are passionate about documenting honest moments filled with emotion. This talented brother and sister duo's knack for storytelling and crafting vibrant images is second to none. Capturing your day without direction or interfering flashes, they excel in allowing you and your guests to simply enjoy the celebration and be in the moment. While their boutique studio is located in Yorkshire, they love travelling nationwide and across Europe, following their couples wherever their stories lead. Whether it’s a tear running down a cheek or the joy your guests feel as they celebrate your special day with you, your love story is as important to Dom and Liam as it is to you.
Claire Penn’s photographs are like a dream - beautiful colors, pretty landscapes and joyful subjects. Her artistic style is modern with a classic twist and an edginess - each one of her exquisite photographs have a deeply romantic and timeless quality to them, capturing the emotions of each moment and making her highly sought-after by creative couples from all over the globe. Claire loves to capture every detail of your wedding day - from the moment your eyes first meet down the aisle through to everyone tearing up the dance floor; you can relax and enjoy your day with the people you love while Claire quietly works her magic. Based in Chester, Claire loves to travel and is available for weddings worldwide
The spirited artist behind Love Luella Photography is Tash Jones - a hard-working, creative photographer based in North East Wales near the Cheshire border. Her overarching goal with every wedding she documents is to capture it in the most authentic way possible. The ingredients for this are catching all the little moments, the raw emotions, and the personal connections that occur from beginning to end. Tash is always expanding her craft and knowledge while remaining true to her core focus of honesty. By combining elements of both documentary and portrait photography, Tash has created the perfect style for keeping memories alive for years and years to come. Available throughout the UK and for destination weddings.
Glancing through the work of Ryan Learoyd is an easy, quick introduction to the man himself - alternative, fun and creative. With his artistic aesthetic and rich, dream-like hues, all of his photos are distinct and identifiable. Having Ryan capture your wedding means working collaboratively to create something unique; wedding photos that look like no one else’s. Ryan consistently brings an ease to the environment, perfect for even the most camera-shy of people. As a driven, hardworking professional with a big heart and friendly demeanor, Shutter Go Click Photography delivers on all aspects of what makes someone a great artist and person.
Where words cannot do justice, The Twins' photographs speak volumes. The creatively-charged duo, Caroline and Kelly, have a style of their very own - infusing classic and timeless with a contemporary semblance - to produce images fit for a storybook. With each image comprising of thoughtful composition and creative use of color, you won't find anything artificial in their work, and their strength lies in their ability to capture movement and action naturally. To have The Twins photograph your wedding is to receive gorgeous memories of the fun and sentimental, the big events and the tiny details, and, of course, the authentic love between you and your significant other. Available worldwide.
If you're looking for a photographer with originality and uniqueness that fits your own personality, yet who still has the ability to create classic and timeless images -- you're in the right place. With his photojournalist style and organic aesthetic, Steve Bridgwood captures both quirky and striking photographs as the moments of your wedding day naturally unfold. He aims to document an honest representation, all while having fun in the celebration and letting himself be inspired by the excitement, bliss, and spontaneity of the environment. Working with Steve is comfortable for even the worst of camera-avoiders, but the final product of crisp, beautifully composed photos is, of course, the best part. Available throughout the UK and worldwide.
A photography duo devoid of ego and full of sincerity and love for what they do, Millie Benbow and her partner Jo are perfect for any couple wanting artistic, honest wedding photographs. These two make the process of wedding photography fun and enjoyable for all involved, no matter how camera shy you might be. They enter your wedding as friends, and work diligently to capture touchingly intimate moments without the subtraction of the natural spontaneity. Millie and Jo's work is both powerful and emotional, epic and sweet. Their inventive compositions and creative use of natural light make every shot come alive. Available throughout Wales, England, and where ever love may take you.
Creating images that are complete representations of the love two people share, Andy Hudson's photography is summarized by visually capturing a couple’s story creatively and artistically. By striving to infuse each image with a contemporary feel while also maintaining his high-quality technique, Andy's work is the perfect match for any couple wanting timelessly beautiful images. Always working unobtrusively, he is able to document all of the emotion, intricate details, and candid, spontaneous moments throughout your wedding day. Whether in North East England or somewhere far away, your wedding will feel complete with the artistic talent of Andy Hudson there to complete your vision.
Telling the honest story of your wedding day is the most important thing to husband and wife photography team, Ian and Hazel MacMichael. Based in Liverpool, the MacMichael's have developed a reputation as true believers in love and the magic of wedding photography, which they believe lies in the precious moments captured in time. Serious about providing you with images that will continuously take your breath away, Ian and Hazel combine professionalism with artistry to give you a one-of-a-kind experience that will exceed all expectations. True visionaries, the MacMichael's will make sure every important detail and special moment is recorded forever in time. From the first kiss to the end of the night, you can count on Ian MacMichael Photography to document your day with style and mastery.
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