The best wedding photographers in London, England - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in London, England,
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
In the words of one of their past clients, Jacob & Pauline, "are everything you want your photographer to be." This prestigious photography and film duo exude professionalism, artistry, and passion, while also capturing and telling your love story. Jacob & Pauline have blended their extensive background in Fashion photography with elements of photojournalism to create a signature style, while also having a background in commercials and music videos that inspire their films today. With extensive experience reaching as far as shooting a royal Qatar wedding, this team is ultimately living their dream as a couple in love with one another and their art. Available for worldwide travel.
Best wedding photographers in Manchester, Liverpool, and Northern England
Bridging the gap between classically timeless and totally cool, Liam and Bee Crawley's exceptional portfolio takes you on an emotional journey rich with anticipation, love, and the rapturous joy that couples feel on their wedding day. Taken from a fresh, artistic viewpoint and processed with expert skill, their images speak volumes about the people they photograph and their own love for wedding photography. While Liam brings his amazing talent, incredible work ethic and upbeat personality to each and every wedding, Bee pours her heart and soul into creating the impeccable final product. Both at home in the heart of Delamere Forest, Cheshire (UK), they travel all over Europe and around the world putting smiles on the faces of people in love.
An inspiration to photographers and a godsend for couples, Lisa Devlin is an experienced, incredibly talented professional focused on capturing weddings uniquely and truthfully. Having been a photographer for most of her life, it's somewhat embedded into her being. This instinctual gift plus her calming, motivating presence makes her perfect for weddings; not to mention, also perfect for receiving the inaugural British Journal of Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year. Lisa's imagery has an alternative foundation made for couples who want something far from run-of-the-mill. She works her photography magic with the introduction of natural light and color, producing imagery universally beautiful. Available throughout the UK and worldwide.
Cinzia Bruschini tells all kinds of love stories with her camera, and makes people smile easily wherever she goes. Bringing a fresh take to telling your wedding story, she captures images that are pretty, perfectly composed and packed full of authentic emotion. At home shooting weddings in Italy from the Italian Alps to the Amalfi Coast, her work is frequently seen on blogs and in magazines all over the world, and she's available to photograph your wedding wherever you are.  
One of the most awarded and commended photographers across the UK, Aaron Storry began his lifelong career in photography in 2008 and has not looked back since. His work has been featured in countless publications worldwide, but it’s his professionalism and friendliness that keep his clients coming back. He strives to document weddings from the inside-out, capturing the intimate moments you want to remember forever. He is present and aware, allowing your wedding to unfold naturally without expectations. Hire Aaron across the UK and beyond.
With their shared love of photography, Chris and Verity Sansom are responsible for some of the most deliciously compelling and unconventional wedding photography around-- seriously, their whole portfolio is full of jaw dropping artistry. Crafted with the sharp eye of two photographers keen on storytelling, their images exhibit an emotive appeal that spans the ages of time. Talented at documenting your day with stunning images, Chris and Verity are also proud of the fact that each wedding they complete is just as important and unique as the next. If you are searching for knockout international photographers who color outside the lines, while still maintaining that classic look and feel, search no further!
Modern wedding photography from Eye Jogia - England
Celebrating light and love, Sanjay and Roshni Jogia, travel throughout Europe, Asia and all over the world, creating cutting-edge images that are filled with heart and soul. Their wedding portraits are infused with fantasy, inspired by fashion, movies and art. Their ceremony and reception images are vibrant and alive with the beauty of real life and real emotion, and their detail images are magazine chic and beautifully rendered. Delivering you a full portfolio of wedding images that can only be called works of art, they are sought-after by a highly-discerning clientele who appreciates the best in life and wants the very best photographer for their wedding.
With a relaxed personality and a creative approach, Igor Demba perfectly blends classic and modern with his unique style of photography. After living and traveling all over the world, Igor has picked up bits and pieces of each culture that inspire him to keep pushing himself creatively, along with the people he has met along the way. In addition to his incredible talent behind the camera, his joyfulness and humility make him an all around outstanding person. Igor is available for work in England or across the world.
Generous, accommodating and dedicated to meaningful photography, Motiejus has advanced in his career by being a skilled observer. His attention to detail helps him in capturing those spontaneous, non-scripted moments which turn out to be the most special of all. Motiejus looks for the best in you and then expertly captures and displays your love to shine through in each and every image. Always working with sincere passion, his imagery altogether is classically artistic with a modern flair, always respectful of the natural elements and surroundings. It's certified that Motiejus will document the love that makes up your precious day, wherever in the world it may take place.
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