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The best wedding photographers in Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That’s why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in the Hawaiian Islands,
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
The perfect wedding photographer is one-part no-nonsense professional, one-part artistic genius, and one-part laid back friend. Derek Wong personifies those characteristics as he captures stunning portraits and authentic moments of timeless beauty. With an extensive background in fashion, commercial, and wedding photography, he works unobtrusively to capture magazine-quality images that his clients treasure and his peers admire. Derek currently calls Hawaii his home, but he spends lots and lots of time on the road photographing weddings on the West Coast and around the world, so, give him a call and catch him while you can.
Call 808-352-9072
Visit http://derekwongphotography.com
Fresh, fun and fashionable, photographs by Christie Pham are taken spontaneously and captured beautifully. She sees the world with a modern sensibility and a keen artistic eye, and she blissfully works behind the scenes to bring you the moments that will define your wedding celebration for the rest of your life. An expert at capturing Hawaiian weddings, Christie is sought-after throughout the islands and around the world, and she’s ready to fulfill your dreams for photography while you enjoy every minute of your wedding day.
Modern wedding photo overlooking Honolulu - Christie Pham Photography

On Maui, and throughout Hawaii and the West Coast, Dmitri and Sandra are well known for their fresh, documentary style photography that reveals the beauty of the people and places they photograph. With an innate sense of what's important and authentic, they produce images that are honest, uplifting and truly gorgeous, so it's no wonder they are highly sought-after by savvy couples and editors who love their work. Providing warm and welcoming customer service, they're always delightful to be with and simply devoted to bringing you images that will help you relive the most touching and emotional moments of your wedding day.

Embodying the warm, friendly spirit of aloha, and glorifying the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands through her gorgeous photographs, Anna Kim travels throughout Hawaii and around the world to capture the magic of spectacular destination weddings and events. Well-known for her brilliant use of light, angles, and creative composition, she expertly captures images of honest emotion and remarkable authenticity for people who really care about their wedding photography. From fun-loving couples who have chosen to elope on the beach, to families and planners hosting large multiple-day events, Anna’s clients simply rave about her stunning work and caring, professional service.
Call 808.214.7550
Visit http://www.annakimphotography.com
Lehr and black invitationers
Lehr and Black
Pink peony bouquet with succulents-Flourish
The Corinthian
luxury wedding reception location, Terranea Resort, Southern California
Terranea Resort
Cheri Pearl Photography
Cheri Pearl Photography
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