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Our philosophy is simple: Enhance the focal point of any moment in a wedding, but to never be the focal point of your wedding.

That is a simple idea, but it permeates our thought process from start to finish and has a big impact on the way we perform. During your ceremony, the focus is just that. Sound should be crystal clear, free from distractions, and the sound equipment should be virtually invisible. Your cocktail hour and dinner service is about friends and family reconnecting, talking, enjoying the moment. Music should be present and relevant, but not overbearing. Wedding lighting should accentuate and enhance a beautiful venue, not distract from it or overwhelm it. During the toasts, each and every guest should be able to hear without straining, but never be burdened by sound that is too loud. And finally, your dance party should be a celebration. All of your guests, friends and family dancing into the night together to great music. We think of ourselves as facilitators. We can keep the focus in the right place, and enhance every part of your wedding, while never being the center of attention.

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