Zaneta Van Zyl Film + Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in New Zealand and Bali

About This Artist

My approach is simply to capture moments as they happen; the interactions between two people and their surrounding environment. Real stories.

I’ll guide you into beautiful light and places, encouraging you to relax, enjoy the moment and just be yourselves. It will be captured in an unobtrusive way without any fake or staged moments. I understand that every wedding and couple is unique, therefore so is my approach to each wedding – I’ll get to know you as much as I can leading up to the day so that I can tell your story as best I can.

I’m lucky to have amazing clients, who aren’t afraid to be themselves and are always up for an adventure! If my work speaks to you, please get in touch to tell me about yourselves and your wedding day.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Zaneta x

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