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May 31, 2010 | christy

Today, were thrilled and honored to bring you our new Photobug blog and Worlds Best Wedding Photographers Hotlist! We know your wedding photography means the world to you, so we searched from coast to coast and around the globe to create the quintessential hotlist of the most talented and trusted photographers on the planet. Plus, weve created the all new Photobug blog thats entirely focused on every aspect of wedding photography. Our goal is to help you choose your photographer with confidence, and to inspire you to look and feel picture-perfect on your wedding day.

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Super hot…

hot wedding photography from J. Garner Photography
Wedding image by: J. Garner Photography


Just plain hilarious…

hilarious wedding photography from Ben Chrisman Photography
Wedding image by: Ben Chrisman Photography


Truly genius…

genius wedding photography from Kenny Nakai Photography
Wedding image by: Kenny Nakai Photography


Touching and heart-breaking…

touching wedding photography from Catherine Hall Photography
Wedding image by: Catherine Hall Studios


Drop-dead gorgeous…

drop-dead gorgeous wedding photography from Jeff Newsom Photography
Wedding image by: Jeff Newsom


Totally adorable…

adorable wedding photography from Joy Marie Photography
Wedding image by: Joy Marie Photography

…and much, much more. Plus, lots of tips on how to make the most of every aspect of your wedding photography.

Tune back in tomorrow to see how the worlds best wedding photographers make brides look their most beautiful, and start visualizing the wedding photos you want for your wedding day!

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  1. Congratulations ladies! I love this new concept, very cool.

  2. Love your new sections, as always, everything on your site is really beautiful.

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