That’s Hilarious! – 8.7.12 – Fun Wedding Moment By Wedding Photographer Kirsten Lewis

August 7, 2012 | christy

The look on this groom’s face as he sees his bride is just priceless! Perfectly captured by Junebug Member Photographer Kirsten Lewis, this moment certainly brightened my day and I hope it does yours!

fun, hilarious wedding moment by Denver-based wedding photographer Kirsten Lewis | Junebugweddings.com
hilarious wedding photo by Kirsten Lewis Photographer


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  1. LOOOOOOOOOVE this image! Indeed HILARIOUS!!!!

  2. Totally priceless!!! Look at the grooms’ face, he is surely surprised to see his very beautiful bride with that dress on…… Great capturing that moment, Kirsten!!!

  3. That’s great

  4. looovee this picture :))

  5. Thanks everyone! It is one of my favorite wedding photos ever, so honored to have it featured here.

  6. Those are my feet and that is my groom 🙂 its one of our favorites too. Kirsten rocks!!!!

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