That’s Hilarious! 10.18.11 – Wedding Photo by Michigan Wedding Photographer Dan Stewart

October 18, 2011 | christy

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this hilarious photo from Michigan based wedding photographer Dan Stewart, but the look on the ring bearer’s face was enough for me! Happy Tuesday everyone and thanks so much for sharing Dan!

flower girl and ring bearer holding life-size cutouts of bride and groom's faces - hilarious wedding photo from top Michigan based wedding photographer Dan Stewart
hilarious wedding photo by Dan Stewart


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  1. So funny! Heads on sticks? – I wonder how else this couple used them.

  2. This is funny!

  3. Love this! This was our wedding, we were in a park that had other weddings going on, so we used the heads on sticks to help direct traffic – my husbands idea! They turned out to be a huge hit with my son (the ring bearer) and he just had to have a mom and dad head after he walked down the aisle. All these heads on sticks made their appearances multiple times through the night, including the photo booth, hanging out car windows on the highway, and even a kiss between me and the “groom” after some clinking glasses at dinner!

  4. Haha, they used these to guide the guests between the ceremony site and the reception! Too funny

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