That’s Heartbreaking! An introduction…

June 3, 2010 | christy

emotional wedding image, father-daughter dance by Positive Light Photography

The moment a father takes his daughter’s hand to dance with her on wedding night is one of the most touching moments of human connection and one that almost always makes me cry. Although it has been a few years since Christy and I have photographed weddings, I’ll never forget the night she took this picture. Trying to see through the tears streaming down my face and shoot was pretty difficult (and also pretty funny) and knowing she was there was such a comfort.

It is the love of weddings and moments like these that Junebug is built on. So, every Tuesday and Thursday this year, we’ll be bringing you real wedding moments that are tear-jerking, adorable, hilarious, gorgeous, hot and just plain genius. We hope you’ll stay tuned and let’s us know about the moments that mattered most on your wedding day.



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  1. oh, that is really sweet!

  2. You’re absolutely right. What a beautiful moment. I can already see my husband dancing with our daughter on her wedding day…and she’s only 4.

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