That’s Heartbreaking! 10.9.12 – Sweet Wedding Photo of Groom and Mother by Studio222

October 9, 2012 | christy

Today, we have the opportunity to do something a bit different and to give you the inside scoop on this beautiful photo, straight from the photographer. Thank you to Becka from Studio 222 Photography for this incredible photo and for graciously sharing your thoughts with us.

From Becka: “I have only been a mother for 8 months and at every wedding Ive photographed in that time, a single moment wrecks me. Part of me knows that Im not guaranteed this moment. My son could decide to never get married, to elope, or he may hate dancing and forbid this event from happening at his wedding. But another part of me knows that my whole life with him, starting with the day he was born, is a clock ticking down to this one future moment. Our last dance with him as my little boy, him as all mine. And it wrecks me. Im not sure how I took this photo since my eyes were blurred with tears but its beautiful. This moment, at the very end of the song, where they both know the dance is ending and she remembers that she used to be able to hold his whole body in the arms that now just wrap around his shoulders. And then nothing but smiles, of course, because its a happy day. But still, this one moment where time stood still, a mother and her son. Lord help me, now Im crying again. Ill just leave you with the photo and be done with it.”

sweet wedding photo of groom and mother of groom - photo by Studio 222 | via junebugweddings.com
emotional wedding photo by Studio 222 Photography


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