That’s Gorgeous! 9.14.10

September 14, 2010 | christy

Everything about this image from Twin Lens is simply gorgeous – the emotion, the angles, the tonality, the soft edges and the sharp focus that draw you right in. It embodies that magic feeling of romance and could make even the most steel-hearted breath a little sigh for love.

gorgeous wedding couple in love, photo by New Mexico based wedding photographers Twin Lens
gorgeous black and white wedding photo by Twin Lens


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  1. Can’t wait to officially welcome Kitty and Craig to our World’s Best Photographers Hotlist on October 1st. Their work is truly amazing.

  2. this feels like a true intimate moment between the couple, simply beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous pic. Do we have any EXIF data or post-processing info?

  4. Hi Steve, It was shot on a 5DmkII, 35mm lens,1/[email protected] f/1.4. In Lightroom we convert to grayscale, bump the fill light, add black and it looks like some vignette. Though that lens does vignette a fair bit on its own.

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