That’s Gorgeous! 4.26.12 – Gorgeous Wedding Portrait by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Roberto Valenzuela

April 26, 2012 | christy

When it comes to incredible lighting, nothing beats Mother Nature. This gorgeous photo by celebrated wedding photographer, Roberto Valenzula, captures the beauty of sunlight pouring through a grove of trees as it touches a bride and groom who are lucky enough to be in love at the right place, at the right time, with the right photographer.

gorgeous wedding portrait of bride and groom walking in beautiful grove of trees - photo by top LA based destination wedding photographer Roberto Valenzuela
gorgeous wedding photo by Roberto Valenzuela


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  1. You hit the one on the head, that is gorgeous!

  2. I love this image. I love the interaction between the bride and groom’s body language.

  3. That is absolutely breathtaking. Amazing image Roberto.

  4. this is amazing!!! i love it

  5. Beautiful low-key photograph.

  6. That is so beautiful!!

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