That’s Genius! 7.8.10

July 8, 2010 | christy

One of the many things we love about Mark and Candice Brooke of Mark Brooke Photographers is that they’re always striving for something new in their work. An innovative angle, a unique perspective, an original way of seeing the world. This genius wedding portrait showcases their inventive creative spirit and willingness to take risks in the moment for the sake of fresh, fun wedding photography!

genius wedding portrait by Mark Brooke Photographers
Genius wedding portrait by Mark Brooke Photographers


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  1. Yep! That’s genius!

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  3. i love photos like this! check out this amazing photographer http://voltronofawesomeness.com/imported-data/2009/6/25/christian-amanda-paso-robles.html

  4. I agree, this is so innovative! Stunning pic.

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