That’s Genius! 6.30.2011

June 30, 2011 | christy

With all the excitement of a wedding day, a moment out of the spotlight for the couple can be hard to come by. I just love Dallas based photographer Kathryn Krueger’s capture of this couple’s moment of passion after the ceremony.

genius wedding ceremony photo by top Dallas based photographer Kathryn Krueger
genius wedding ceremony photo by Kathryn Krueger


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  1. How special and sweet! Kelli

  2. Love it!! Such a precious capture!

  3. Love the picture, love that angle. I would love to try that angle at a wedding, but I’ve never had the guests sitting down for the exit. Wonder if that was planned?

  4. Okay I LOVE this photo! Just when I think I’ve seen some new angles this one pops up. The photo seems to just suck you right into the scene. Kudos!! 🙂

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