That’s Genius! 6.17.10

June 17, 2010 | christy

Photographer David Beckstead likes to teach his students that it’s often the unplanned moments in photography that produce the most spectacular results, and this incredible image taken during one of his workshops is a perfect example! When a surprise stream of light appeared from across the room he changed courses to try shooting directly into it, and took the creative risk that by utilizing his strong base of technical knowledge, and then allowing himself to play with what was happening in the moment, the photo he was producing could be greater than any image he had perfectly planned and arranged. And to that we say, “that’s genius!”

genius wedding photo by David Beckstead
Simply genius bridal portrait by David Beckstead


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  1. Now that’s one sweet, happy ‘misteak’! Well Done!

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  3. I love it and I love David’s work!

  4. wow this is great! light so beautiful and charmingly unpredictable..

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