Submissions Are Open for the 2013 Best of the Best Photo Contest!

November 1, 2013 | christy

The Junebug Weddings 2013  Best of the Best Photo Contest! Photos by © Yvonne Wong, Natalie Moser, Jerry Ghionis, Jose Villa, Roberto Valenzuela, Nessa K, Kathryn Krueger, Ira Lippke, Jean-Pierre Uys, Davina + Daniel

Calling all phenomenal wedding and portrait photographers! Today’s the day – we’re officially accepting submissions for Junebug’s 2013 Best of the Best Wedding Photo Collection!

For the last five years the Best of the Best has been viewed by tens of thousands of couples, editors, photographers and photo lovers, and our winners have enjoyed substantial traffic and increased exposure year-round. As former wedding photographers and full-blown photo fanatics we could not be more honored or more proud to get to share this kind of beauty with the world. The collection is, as one of our readers so aptly put it, “a seriously inspiring, mind-blowing, and gut-wrenching-in-a-good-way look at the talent and skill that it takes to be a wedding photographer.” We agree, and it’s thanks to artists like you that the Best of the Best has grown to be one of the most popular and prestigious photo contests in the world.

This year we’re accepting up to 15 images per photographer, because we know how difficult it can be to narrow down your work to just a few of your favorites. As always we will be looking for photos that show off your distinctive style; photos that distinguish you from the rest and make you thrilled to be a wedding photographer. One of the things we love the most about the Best of the Best is that to us it’s a reflection of the energy and ideas in the photographic community right now, and we get to peek behind the curtain. In the thousands of images we receive, each year there’s a different overall vibe and we love to try to unravel the mystery of it all. Why this composition trend or that post-production look? Why a surge or a drop in black and white vs color imagery? Why so many creative portraits and so few classic moments? It’s fascinating to see trends come and go, and when we receive hundreds and hundreds of photos that are nearly identical (this happened last year) we seek out the photo that is the very best version of that trend, or the one where the photographer pushed the trend out-of-the-box and on to the next level – transforming into their own unique approach and most likely, the next big thing.

When we’re asked what we’re looking for, which we often are, the bottom line is that we know wedding photography encompasses a huge number different styles, skills, approaches and techniques, and we believe in them all – there’s no one way to be an artist. Our judging criteria is based on technical skill, artistic brilliance, emotional impact and distinctive style, and in our final collections we strive to showcase a great mix of photographic styles, as well as moments throughout the wedding. We hope you’ll send us what you consider your very best work, regardless of what you see other photographers doing, what you see published on blogs and in magazines, or what you think we’re looking for based on previous years’ collections. We would love to see every kind of portrait and every part of the wedding day, from getting ready shots, to first looks, to final goodbyes. (Plus, yes! to day-after and bridal portrait sessions. No, sorry! to engagement shoots, photos of models, or images taken during workshops, editorial or commercial shoots.)

For complete information, please visit our Submission Page, and read our Official Rules, and then send us what you love! Help us create the most incredible collection of creative wedding photography ever – SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS TODAY!


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