Romantic Wedding Video – How to Hire a Cinematographer with Untitled Film Works

February 19, 2014 | sarah

How sweet would it be to relive your wedding day with your spouse each year? That’s exactly what you can do when you hire a cinematographer to capture the essence and atmosphere of your wedding. Today, talented cinematographer Abraham Joffe of untitled film works is sharing his film of Roger and Elena’s incredibly romantic wedding in Santorini, Greece, as well as passing on his tips on how to hire your own cinematographer and why every couple should have their day captured in video.

Why do you think a couple should hire a cinematographer? A wedding is such a milestone event in people’s lives. Apart from the obvious capturing of the events taking place, it’s an unmissable time to record the family and friends that come together. For us at untitled film works, we also use the excuse of the wedding to capture more than just the day, it’s an opportunity to tell the story of the couple. That is why we often document scenes before the wedding day itself. The resulting films are a much deeper look at a couple’s story and the reasons that have brought them together.

What should couples look for and think about when hiring a cinematographer? Of course the work is very important, you want to love the style of their productions, but personality is also very important. You want to get along with the people who are going to be a big part of your day. When looking at past films, its a good idea to watch a number of them. Consistency of production values and storytelling should be evident across the body of work. A great cinematographer should be able to create a beautiful film regardless of the conditions and location. Great suppliers get booked in advance so make sure you get in early.

What is untitled film works process in creating a wedding film? For us, it all begins with us learning our subject – our couple. We dedicate a lot of time to getting to know the people that we will be recording and understanding what makes them tick. Once rapport and trust is built, we are able to capture our couples for who they really are. Everyone is different, and so each film we create must reflect that. We are blessed to be asked often to travel internationally to film weddings. We believe if we can create films that resonate with people, the work will enable us to meet amazing couples not only in Australia but overseas too. In the last two years, we have shot weddings in Thailand, Hawaii, L.A., Santorini, Bora Bora and the Maldives.

How would you describe the style of your work? Documentary and cinematic. We are inspired by the real world and people’s stories. Everyone has a unique background and path in life. Once you recognize that, it is easy to be inspired to shoot and present individualized films. We also love to push ourselves technically and are known for pushing the limits of our craft. For example, we were the first studio in Australia shooting with DSLR’s in 2009 and have lead the way in 4K film production. But I always make the point that the technical takes second place to what you actually do with your gear. Storytelling and content will always trump visually stunning films that lack substance.

Thank you so much, Abraham, for sharing your expertise with us!

Readers, see more of untitled film work’s romantic wedding videos on their website.


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