Phenomenal Photography – Wedding Photos in Quintessential Locations

August 31, 2011 | christy

Getting to see all the different architecture, cityscapes, and landscapes from photographers all over the U.S. and abroad is one of my favorite things about working with our Member Photographers, so last month we asked them to send us a selection of some of their best “Quintessential Location” photos. Here are a few images captured in dynamic locations, some obvious and iconic and some more obscurecan you name the locations in these photos from Adagion Studio, Bryan and Mae, Chris + Lynn Photography, Chrisman Studios, Daniel Stark Photography, Langdon Photography, Nakai Photography, and Rome Weddings Photography?

bride standing on balcony overlooking beautiful Cabo San Lucas Mexico - photo by top destination wedding photographers Chris plus Lynn photography
destination wedding photo by Chris + Lynn Photography bride and groom walking down street in downtown Philadelphia - photo by top Philadelphia photographers Langdon Photography
wedding photo by Langdon Photography bride and groom getting into vintage convertible in front of Roman coliseum - photo by Rochelle Cheever of Rome Weddings Photography
destination wedding photo by Rome Weddings Photography
the happy couple having a romantic moment with gorgeous London architecture in the background - engagement photo by top destination wedding photographers Chris plus Lynn
destination wedding photo by Chris + Lynn Photography black and white photo of the happy couple kissing under Portland sign - engagement photo by top Portland, Oregon photographer Daniel Stark
engagement photo by Daniel Stark Photography Grand Rapids, Michigan architecture - creative engagement photo by top Michigan based photographers Bryan and Mae
engagement photo by Bryan and Mae
black and white photo of bride through window of New York City taxi - creative wedding photo by Chrisman Studios
wedding photo by Chrisman Studios gorgeous night shot of couple under Chicago sculpture art - creative engagement photo by Chicago based photographers Nakai Photography
engagement photo by Nakai Photography beautiful silhouette of couple holding hands, running through Eiffel Tower plaza at sunset - Paris wedding photo by top Florida based destination wedding photographer Adagion Studio
destination wedding photo by Adagion Studio


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  2. Great post. The 1st and 4th images are my favorites.

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