Phenomenal Photography – Kids will be Kids! – Adorable Photos of Children at Weddings

August 24, 2012 | christy

One of things I love most about weddings is witnessing the guests from all generations coming together to celebrate. And often, it seems that the younger generations create the most unexpected and hilarious moments! Whether the kids were gazing in awe and wonder, disrupting the ceremony or just utterly exhausted, these always incredible Junebug photographers Melissa Jill Photography, Ashley Garmon Photographers, Renato DPaula, Ben Chrisman, Studio Impressions, Ryan Brenizer, Sergio Photographer, and Merri Cyr Weddings stayed quick on their feet to capture each one of these outstanding photos.

young girl watches bride apply makeup, photo by Melissa Jill | junebugweddings.com
wedding photo by Melissa Jill Photography


two girls pressed to window at wedding, photo by top Dallas wedding photographer Ashley Garmon | junebugweddings.com
wedding photo by Ashley Garmon Photographers


children at wedding, photo by Australia based Studio Impressions | junebugweddings.com
wedding photo by Studio Impressions


young boy shushes the audience at wedding ceremony, photo by Ben Chrisman of Chrisman Studios | junebugweddings.com
wedding photo by Ben Chrisman


pirate and princesses at wedding, photo by Phoenix based Sergio Photographer | junebugweddings.com
wedding photo by Sergio Photographer


young boy gives thumbsup sign at wedding ceremony, photo by Brazil photographer Renato dPaula | junebugweddings.com
wedding photo by Renato DPaula


boy drinks soda while flowergirls look out window, photo by Australia based Studio Impressions | junebugweddings.com
wedding photo by Studio Impressions


flowergirls in tutus at wedding ceremony, photo by New York photographer Ryan Brenizer
wedding photo by Ryan Brenizer


young girl sleeping at wedding, photo by New York Merri Cyr Weddings
wedding photo by Merri Cyr Weddings


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  1. So incredibly adorable! These photos made me smile!

  2. Just stumbled onto your blog and it’s awesome! These photos are on a another level than I usually see.

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