Holiday Photography Giveaway!

December 20, 2010 | christy

Without a doubt, the best wedding photographers in the world are a whole lot more than phenomenal wedding photographers! They are inspiring artists, educators, authors and public speakers and who make a lasting impression on the world of photography by creating unique products, services, and fine-art images. Today we’re honored to celebrate the talent and generosity of Junebug members Jerry Ghionis, Jim Garner, Bob and Dawn Davis, David Beckstead, Elizabeth Messina, Harrison Studio and Kenny Kim with a fabulous Holiday Giveaway that no self-respecting photo fanatic should miss.

So come on photo lovers and professional photographers alike, enter here to win! Simply leave us a comment letting us know what you love most about photography (in 100 words or less, if you can!) and be entered to win a whole host of photo goodies from these leaders in wedding photography. We’ll accept entries from now through the end of the day on Thursday, December 23rd, and randomly choose our winners on Friday, December 24th. We hope these items will help make your holiday bright!


fine art photography print by Elizabeth Messina

One lucky winner will receive an 8×10 fine art print of this stunning image by Elizabeth Messina – an art piece to cherish forever!



educational photography dvds by Jim Garner - GoBoda

One lucky winner will win this package of educational DVDs from Jim and Katarina Garner of J. Garner Studios and GoBoda, which includes their 2-part Educational DVD – teaching you all about Jim’s story-telling photography and Photoshop techniques, their Marketing the Story Telling Studio CD – discussing how to best market your studio plus lots of helpful tools and documents, their Texture and Skies CD – a compilation of over 400 textures and 200 skies that you can apply and integrate into your own photography, and their Tools and Documents CD – covering all of the nuts and bolts of an effective business system, including work flow protocols, legal and financial forms, general accounting procedures and communication templates. Wow!



educational photography books and dvds by Bob and Dawn Davis

One lucky winner will win this whole set of educational books and DVDs from the one and only Bob and Dawn Davis, including the book Lights, Camera, Capture by Bob Davis, the book Not So Secret Sauces – Recipes by Bob Davis, the DVD Master Your Craft with Bob Davis and Mike Colon, and the DVD A Master’s Approach with Bob Davis.



album templates for photographers from H2O Studio and photography websites from Folio Websites

One lucky winner will win a complete set of H2O Creative Album Templates – hundreds of completely customizable templates for sleek and stylish professional albums, and a New Website for 1 Year from Folio Websites – beautiful and intelligently Search Engine Optimizable WordPress websites for photographers and artists. Now that’s a great way to start the year off right! And as a bonus, all Junebug readers can use the code JUNEBUG10 on both websites to get 10% off all products until December 25th. Thanks Ben and Laura!



educational photography dvd by David Beckstead

5 lucky winners will take home copies of David Beckstead’s educational DVD Weddings with a Fashion Flair by David Beckstead & Kevin Kramer – all about how to incorporate Fashion Style into your wedding imagery!



Digital Photographer's Wedding Planner book by Kenny Kim

One lucky winner will receive the new book, The Digital Wedding Photographer’s Planner by Kenny Kim, all about how to plan the shooting of a wedding special day, build relationships with clients, recognize perfect photo opportunities you might otherwise miss, and much, much more!



ICE Society by Jerry Ghionis

One lucky winner will receive a 1 year membership into the ICE Society – an educational photography website and community, created by Jerry Ghionis, that’s dedicated to empowering fellow photo professionals and enthusiasts to take their photography and businesses to new heights.


What a collection! A very special thank you to all the businesses generously donating to this giveaway – you’re the best! Happy Holidays all!

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  1. What I love most about photography is capturing life’s little things. There’s nothing better than catching your little neice singing to herself and using that moment to capture a memory on camera.

  2. I love everything about photography, the camera, the lights and of course, the action.

  3. I love how photographs are cherished and passed on through generations. It’s humbling to imagine families looking at photos I created for years to come.

  4. I love being able to encapsulate the joy of a relationship’s interaction and emotion forever.

  5. I love that you are stealing from time’s suitcase and the memory becomes everylasting forever!

  6. What I love about photography is that even though all my gear was stolen recently, I still have the incredible desire to get back out there and keep shooting!

  7. Photography is my first hobby – I’m hoping to become a professional one day and these gifts would help!

  8. what I love most about photography is the ability to catch an emotion that freezes. that quote “a picture is worth a 1000 words” is so true. the new mother caressing her newborn, the look between old loves of 50 years, the swagger of a hs graduate about to face reality for the first time…all priceless and worth so much more than 1000 words when those moments are gone and only held captive by a single frame.

  9. I love having the opportunity to connect with and capture the love of different people. It’s amazing to see (through the lens) the vulnerable moment when two people commit their lives to one another.

  10. What I love most about photography is taking the moments that my clients have created and photographing them from my perspective to produce a memory that will last a lifetime.

  11. I love being able to help people look back and remember one of the happiest days of their life! Making lasting connections with my brides!

  12. So excited for the announcement of winners! You girls are awesome!!!

  13. The thing I like most about photographer is capturing “that” moment. In order to do so, you’re not just “lucky” you have to follow the person, watch them and get to know how they move, how they pose, how they react and when the time comes… it just happens and CLICK, you’ve got that memory that will forever be captured because you did what you are called to do… be a photographer.

  14. What I love most about photography is that it’s a universal language with no barriers, and that I can use this art as a way to give back to my clients and my community.

  15. When you capture a child’s face, a persons face, a family, a young lady, the amazing desire to make something magical happens, and when it does, you show it on your screen or computer, a smile erupts from the child, person, or subject which is a seal that you did something to make their lives just a bit better in this Universe. Capturing an image that will be viewed, discussed and bring back memories, feelings, laughs, good feelings is amazing. You’ve become a better person for it just as they have…that’s what I love most about photography.

  16. We love that photography allows you to be able to capture a moment in time, that years and years from now, just looking at it will bring back the memories and emotions of that day and of that moment. It’s like being able to take your favorite experience you ever had and bottle it to be opened at any occasion, not just special ones.

  17. What I love about photography is looking through the lens and seeing something totally different than what is actually in front of me but seeing the emotions and feelings of my subject at that split second of time that the shutter fires. Then when you print their photos and see the emotion in their faces when you hand it to them then you know a moment, can last a lifetime…

  18. The look on a brides’ face when she sees the photo of her dad crying during the ceremony. The mothers’ expression when she sees that you were able to get all of her children smiling in the same photo. Meeting people from all different backgrounds and lifestyles that are brought together by emotion. Being able to relive moments over and over that would otherwise have gone unseen or forgotten. I have the best job in the world.

  19. I love that I can leave something beautiful behind me. A part of me that can exist much longer than me.

  20. i love when, after all the booking and planning and scouting and shooting and processing and uploading and retouching and designing and re-designing and bookbinding, i hand my brides wedding album to her, she opens it up with ecstatic anticipation, she slowly turns each page as her smile grows bigger and bigger until her eyes weld up with tears and then she looks up at me, with the most appreciative and joyful look on her face, we embrace and i know it was all worth it!

  21. what don’t I love about photography!? Its an amazing thing– always capturing important moments in your life. An image brings back not only memories but the emotions with those memories, its almost magical. I am getting married in July and I look forward to sharing each photo as a memory with my future husband.

  22. My favorite thing about photography is the way sunlight interacts with the camera. I get really giddy when a sun flare crosses over a couple and creates a really romantic, timeless photo. Something about the sun just makes photography come alive to me!

  23. I love capturing the true essence of people. I fall more in love with photography every time I snap my shutter release. Being able to evoke feeling through this art form brings me more happiness than I ever thought imaginable. I love capturing the world!!

  24. How to describe in a few words what is the most magical Art, Science and Technology ever existed? Photography is the fun to create and capture a day or a moment with fashion, art and natural… timeless ! But what I love the most is a possibility to make people happy about them self, let them feel good and look beautiful. Photography is a way to show what I can see in them and show it an artistical way. Photography shows life with all the beautiful details that a lot of people can not see in the moment.

  25. What I LOVE most about photography is, that it changed my view to beauty & the things which surround me completely. For me it is about beauty … in every little detail.

  26. I love nothing more than creating images/artwork that reflect a bit of you as an artist & person, and that you are proud of. Then to evoke beautiful emotional responses from others just puts the icing on the christmas cake!

  27. What I love most about photography is the ability to make a person feel beautiful. Oftentimes they don’t see the beauty you see and as a photographer you can take your camera and creatively showcase that beauty and share it with the rest of the world.

  28. I love photography because it freezes a moment time. No matter how long it’s been, you can see the photo and instantly be transported back to the place. Emotions are evoked and a story is retold. I love that everyone sees the world differently and depending on who’s taking the photograph, you will see a story told in many different ways. I also just love the lighting and pretty pictures 🙂

  29. What I love most about photography is two fold: I love taking beautiful photographs that transcend time and place. I also love that I get to take photographs for a living. What could be better.

  30. As a photographer, it is my job to capture a moment in time. To preserve relationships exactly as they are in this second. To hold memories safely in my hands so that you can go back to them when your heart calls for them. I am a memory keeper. This is my calling. I LOVE what I do!

  31. I love creating an image that exceeds the visual of looking at it in real life. The challenge of creating my own light and its balance with natural light. To compose the frame and capturing the image in the perfect moment to create an image that transcends the moment of capture.

  32. Of course I love the moments captured… the smiles, the tears, the outfits we wore that will be remembered years and years from now… but I also love photographing someone that says “I’m not photogenic, I always look horrible in pictures” and they change their mind after they see the images from their session. I love helping people feel good about themselves.

  33. I love taking photographs that have meaning. In this digital age it is so easy to click the shutter a few hundred times and hope you got something. Taking a step back, thinking through the photo and getting that shot that means so much to the world or even one person—that is what I love most.

  34. What I love about photography is that I finally get to be ME & that I get to inspired others find their passion and purpose

  35. I love being able to look on my iPhone or computer and see my children growing up through pictures.

  36. Photography takes my breath away. I can stare at an image and feel what was happening when the image was captured. I can daydream about what the subjects felt like and I can imagine everything in it, from the wind, to the sun, to the smell of the air. Photography speaks to me, in a voice only it can speak to me in, and I have no greater reason in doing what I do. Photography is love, life and emotions immortalized.

  37. I especially love photography, because I can capture something in a child that is lost as they grow older. I can capture a moment of incredible love between two people that they can look back on and say “remember when?”, and I can capture events in our family’s lives that we will cherish forever.

  38. A picture captured is a moment in life captured, cherished and able to be shared with the rest of the world. The fact that I am able to be the person who helps capture this moment for people, gives me the opportunity to share their emotions, of happiness or sadness. Knowing that I am involved in their life to help them hold on to that one moment that they look back at the photo and smile again and relive it, is heart warming.

  39. What I love most of photography is that each image is completely unique. Yes, a certain look, style, idea can be duplicated, but it will never be exactly the same as another image. Time stops for no one, as each shot taken can never happen again. It is exhilarating & wonderful and makes me, as a photographer, want to jump up and not miss a single shot!! xoxo!

  40. Photography is the way I communicate the beauty of the world back to the people who share this life experience with me. We often cannot see the beauty, strength and emotion in our own expressions which is why I love shooting portraits that capture that range of emotion– you can share with people how beautiful they truly are. Photography helps me to stop and breathe and really see all that is delicate and sacred. When I get that perfect capture, I feel more connected to the human experience, the world and everything in it.

  41. If youre lucky enough to catch a special moment unfolding right in front of you, you see it, feel it, but many times, you blink and its gone. If you werent paying attention, you missed it altogether. Photography allows me to freeze that moment, that feeling, that emotion in one single frame, for every one to see. To be able to catch a single, momentary tale-tell exchange between bride and groom, something they think only they know, capturing that glance and hearing her say, I love it when he looks at me that way, is my absolute favorite!

  42. I love that as a wedding photographer I get to see my clients at one of the happiest points in their lives, and get to capture that interaction that only a couple in love truly encounters. Plus, shooting a wedding is just plain fun!

  43. Some people know from a very young age what they’d like to become when they grow older. I wasn’t one of those. I knew the who but not the what. That is until I picked up the camera and somehow transmitted what I felt about my subject onto paper in a photograph. Photography amazes me each time. The joy you can bring to someone and to yourself similtaneousy is a gift. What I can’t put into words I can put into a photograph. .The photograph by Elizabeth Messina is one I know well and one that has inspired me.

  44. Am I the one who embraces love by catching two lovers in time never again to be repeated? Or in seeing the wrinkles in the hands of four generations? Oh if only life could tell me the stories of all those fingers. It is as if the image opens the soul and cries out here I am look I am waiting for you. My eyes and heart patiently anticipate the moment and catch the butterfly before it flies away. In the breadth of a moment life comes to me and flees just as fast.

  45. I love that photography allows me to tell stories through imagery, to capture relationships, emotions, details. I love that it lets me see the world in new ways.

  46. What i love about photography ? – Photography makes me feel like what I do matters. I have a purpose in this life and that is to preserve those special moments. I feel a responsibility to document the connections between people, to create images that speak to generations.

  47. I believe that real life is worth celebrating and today it moves faster than ever. Few things can slow us down, letting us relive the moment like the power of a photograph. Having the trust of others to document their moments is amazing and humbling at the same time.

  48. I love seeing everything through a lens… especially the simpler things in life. I love looking back at personal photos I took ten years ago… and remembering things that I wouldn’t remember without a picture. Most of all though, I love the joy that I bring to my family, friends, and clients by creating memories for them.

  49. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but what I love about photography is catching those little moments that would normally go unseen – silly faces a couple makes at each other, genuine laughter, eyes tearing up with emotion and pride, hands held with another or working on something meaningful. I like observing all the little tiny pieces that go into a day and a relationship and picking them out and holding them up to the light.

  50. I love having the ability to capture a single image that is powerful enough to stimulate the senses (not just sight) in such a way that years worth of memories can come flooding back.

  51. Junebug…Thanks for this fabulous giveaway. So fun! I love seeing a brides face light up with excitement because she knows she can’t deny how gorgeous she looks in the frame I just showed her on the back of my camera. Love it!

  52. I love the ability to capture the moments in the in between. Everyone seems to remember significant events really well and I love the reactions that can be brought on seeing pictures of these events; however, it’s the moments in the in between. The things that not everyone saw. The emotion that can be brought on by these images is priceless and a great reward for the labor of love which is photography.

  53. I love how fleeting an image can be and yet there it is, I captured it. Never again will anyone be able to capture what I just did.

  54. I love that photography freezes a moment in time. A moment that won’t happen ever again. If we didn’t have pictures, we wouldn’t have a concept of life outside of our own personal experiences. Pictures tell millions of people’s stories for decades to come. I love knowing that by taking one’s picture I’m capturing a special moment in time that they will cherish forever! (PS thanks for doing the giveaway!!!)

  55. How often do we really look at one another for longer than a moment or two? Photography encourages me to slow down, study, and really *see* my subjects. For me, photography is a form of appreciation.

  56. What I love most is – regardless of how good or bad the photograph is, 50 years on it will still bring about the memories and emotions of the event, whether it was a spectacular wedding, or a roadtrip with loved ones. Even the bad things that happened will have turned funny by then!

  57. I love, love, LOVE how alive photography makes me feel. My mind is active, my eyes alert and heart singing as I experience moments that feel even more intensely real through the lens of my camera. I’m always incredibly honored to document some of the most important events in people’s lives. Humbling and beautiful!

  58. photography has opened my eyes up to a new world, has introduced me to an art form that is beautiful beyond words, and allows me to meet the best people in the whole world!!!

  59. As a photographer, I love the fact that it gives me the opportunity to be a part of people’s lives. I get to laugh with them, have fun – sometimes even cry right alongside them. It reminds me that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

  60. i love how photography is able to freeze frame a moment in time. Whether it’s the look a father gives to his daughter on her wedding day; a hug between good friends; or the emotional love between a father and son, I think photography is a unique trade that enables connections to last a lifetime. Gives me goosebumps! 🙂

  61. I love photography because it holds on to memories that you can go back and look at. Also I love the way I feel after capturing a amazing image. I can’t even explain it….

  62. I have truly experience the shift in life of doing something in life that I’m completely passionate about. I can’t do, learn, read enough and take every opportunity to evolve my skill in my craft.

  63. I love that for just that one moment time freezes. I love that it captures emotion, raw and natural. I love that when I am behind the camera I see thing in little slices of memories and I do my best to document that for my clients

  64. Everything!!!!!!! 🙂

  65. I love how photography can be used to send a message. We can use it make some feel something specific, make them think, create a new image of someone you have known for years. Not only can we surprise the viewer but we can even surprise ourselves with the power of a photograph.

  66. What I like most about photography is that it allows me to express myself creatively.

  67. I love that i can go back and look at the picture taken and laugh all over again and re-live the moments all over again!

  68. I personally love anything that is artistic and appreciate arts as I live every moment in my life, so I think of photography as my way to express what I feel artistic! I think freezing the moments that will never happen again is just insane! I think photography makes us feel good! and look good! all what we have from beauty (inside and outside) come up on the pictures! I think that photography gives the right to have your own moments to be you! thanks you all for the amazing giveaway!

  69. What I like most about photography is that it allows me to express myself creatively.

  70. What I love about (wedding) photography is the chance to be right in the middle of two peoples’s happiest day. I get to capture all the raw emotion, energy, and elegance of a day years in the making.

  71. I love knowing that I am giving people photographs that will be passed down through several generations and loved and cherished. I wish I could be there to see great-great-grand-children looking at the photographs of relatives they’ll never meet on the happiest day of their lives. I feel like that is a great contribution to give to the world. 🙂

  72. The thing I love most about photography is that it has the power to elicit such deep emotions. Recently I took pictures of a newborn baby and I posted a gallery of the pictures online… a couple minutes later, the mother of the child called me crying because she was so touched by the pictures I had taken. Being able to capture moments that mean so much to someone is so powerful to me and it helps me sleep easily at night because I know that I am doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do. That is why I love photography.

  73. Photography is an amazing medium that give an artist the ability to capture emotion and tell a story in a single image. I love that photography is amenable to so many different styles and can be so personalized. What an amazing giveaway- thank you!

  74. Photography is about working with people, getting those great photos then seeing that emotion reflected in my clients..The thing i like about weddings is that everyone is looking their best , all their to have a great time.It always feels such an honour to be chosen to photograph a wedding, its their big day and they have placed all this trust in you by saying ” Hey we love what you do, be part of our day”. Whether it’s portraits or weddings, for me i think wow i get a fresh canvas each week to create something new each time and constantly evolving to develop my photography taking it to the next level..

  75. Yeah, I love photography. Life is short and photography is timeless. A photograph becomes a visual time machine that transports the mind to cherished memories we dont want to forget and I have the privilege of being one of the many that get to capture those frozen memories and in essence preserve a piece of life. ~Capturing Moments. Preserving Memories One Click at a Time. Its what I do and it is what I love!

  76. There is so much I love about photography! Besides the feel of the camera in my hands and the sound of the shutter (my fav!) I love looking at photos from years ago, remembering the good times, adventures and the people from so long ago & knowing that by taking photos I am able to share this with so many people. Bottom line, I LOVE taking pictures!!

  77. my favorite thing about photography? being able to describe what my words cannot!

  78. I love giving the world a way to look at things differently, to see them the way I do. I also appreciate that I’m finding ways to donate my time and skills as a photographer as a way to give back to my community.

  79. I have loved photography since I was a child. I remember visiting libraries and old book stores and racing to look through the glossy pages of photography books. What I recall most vividly about those Saturday afternoon trips are my emotions. I felt connected to these people I imagined their stories and their lives, their triumphs and tragedies. Relishing in the thought that I was sharing those moments with them. That’s what photos give us… they sustain our stories and preserve one of the most profound human capabilities… memories!

  80. The most amazing thing about photography is knowing that by doing what I love, I become a historian, an artist and an architect. I document loved ones in a period of time. I create heirloom images to be treasured by your future generations, and I build bridges between the here and now.

  81. I love making people happy!

  82. What I love most about photography is the way I feel when I see my clients’ reactions and hear their comments when I present my finished product.

  83. What i like the most is the ability to capture a moment and make it timeless. Go back to that moment and engage with the image, evoke a feeling and make people smile. That’s one of the things I love about photography.

  84. I love photography because IT IS A LOVELY THING! =)

  85. I love photography because it captures a precious moment forever!

  86. The best thing in photography is that you meet every day new persons and everyone have something diferent to say !!! It’s amazing when you do what you love and you can learn, feel and joy! The best feeling also you get it when everybody gives you love and their happiness for the momments you capture …. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Photography to me is a marvelous phenomena impossible without light, and every shade of light to complete darkness. Metaphorically, the lives we capture on film tell each persons unique story from their lightest blessings and every shade thereof to their darkest moments. Journaling their story on film, using our camera as and excuse to be there, for becoming part of their lives, and in return, giving life back to them.

  88. Photography has an honesty that is so intriguing… the viewer will never truly see, with the same understanding and thought what the photographer saw at the time the photo was captured. However the photographer couldnt predict what the viewer will see, interpret or feel. I find that amazing and a reason to love photography.

  89. The total rawness of the moment.

  90. What I love about photography is catching life’s precious moments and being able to look back and reflect on that moment in time and reminisce. twils2001@yahoo.com

  91. I love photography because… …I am fascinated about the beauty that God created …i love to free the creativity and the LIFE inside of me …i am in love with memories. A picture can bring so many things back, when you look at it: scents, melodies, feelings…just memories really. And I love memories!!!

  92. showing the world how I see it in my own unique way and seeing how different we all see life through a frame

  93. I love the story that a photograph can tell just by capturing one second in time. It can convey the love between two newlyweds, the pride of a Grandparent or the strong bond between siblings.. No matter what happened in the past or what will happen in the future, a photograph captures the beauty of life in that moment. Photography means ‘writing with light’ – a novel in one image. The best photographs are the ones that need no explanation… the emotion and the story is right there for you to see.

  94. Photography is who I am!

  95. The freedom to create art on the fly. The ability to capture a childs smile:)

  96. Photography is my favorite form of art (along with music, of course). There is something about a good photograph that transports you through time and space and captures the emotion of the moment. It brings back memories like nothing else can.

  97. Beauty you can return to again and again, always the same. The ephemeral made concrete.

  98. Photography is my life, it consumes me. It’s like air. I live life to the fullest, but I like to capture small parts and remember the story around that photograph. I always have some sort of camera with me at all times, just in case.

  99. Photography is a two-way street of gift giving. For the person behind the camera it is an act of being one with one’s craft, and when you know you’ve “caught the shot” the feeling is exhuberating and emotionally charging. But the biggest gift comes when you see the light in someone’s eyes or hear it in their email when they thank you for capturing their parents, friends, family, and themselves as they really are, and more importantly as they really want everyone else to see them. That is a gift that I know will go beyond my years here on Earth, and one that I am going to be eternally grateful to leave behind : ) Photography is a dream job, a dream career, and I am so so thankful to get to practice this art each day when I go to work!! xoxo

  100. What I love about photography is the way it allows me to capture light … in the right light, an ordinary smile looks magical… i love that! =)

  101. Photos remain after the moment passes, they capture the fleeting glimpses of life from an angle we rarely see from the inside. As photographers, we get to show someone how they were, how they felt, how they looked in that very moment. And even years later, bring them back to that very same spot.

  102. I love that photography allows us to present moments one by one touching the lives of those around us and generations to come.

  103. I love that nothing is ever stagnant in the photography realm. The possibilities are beyond endless.

  104. I love being able to capture moments that you can look back on and say “Wow… that was amazing!” Beautiful things happen around us everyday, everything is a photographic opportunity!

  105. pure.raw.emotional.connection.as.art.wrapped.in.one.single.moment.

  106. holding up a mirror and saying you are beautiful.

  107. what I love about photography is the magic. Being able to see a moment in a certain way only once is amazing, but being able to pull that moment from time itself and keep it forever is magic.

  108. Photography is love. It’s happiness. But, it’s also sadness. In all, photography is life. And with life, comes emotion. As photographers, we capture that emotion and life in a moment of time. That can never be recreated again. Timeless!! I just love the fact that I am able to use my talent to help others hold onto THAT moment in time. So, they can relive that moment over and over again.

  109. I “LOVE” photography. Photography has never been a hobby for me, it started when I “HAD” to assist my husband during his events to wanting, dreaming, hoping, and praying I get the chance to photograph weddings, families, love, hugs, and everything I could. From the moment I took my first “awesome” (in my opinion) image photography became the energy that drove my imagination, and my journey to learning the skills required to be a good photographer started. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else than photography!

  110. Its a word filled with lots and lots of passion, love, relationships, contrasts, moments in time, memories which can never be duplicated, its timeless, its a delicatessen with the most humbling and satisfying feeling and experiences, its everything and more of what I am and what I strive to be. I am a photographer … and I simply love it!

  111. I have always been very passionate about photography since I was a teenager. As a photographer, my priority is to capture the feelings more than any pose and when I present my work to my clients and see tears running down I know I have done right. Knowing that its more than a picture to them, its reliving that very same moment. This is what keeps me shooting and just enjoying every photo shoot I take.

  112. Photography is a friendly reminder for me.

  113. Photography is an extension of my heart, my brain, artistic vision, the moment, a slice of people’s life, a sweet emotion, a moving sensation, an infinite image, a unique painting, a lighting chef-d’oeuvre, a sharp satisfaction, a sincere passion, a warm happiness, a magical technology, a soul projection, a sensuous creativity, an accurate moment, an elegant vision, the light’s essence, a perfume for the eyes, a savor for the intellect, sustenance for the body. In a few words this is what I love most about photography …

  114. I love photgraphy because it does more than just capture a moment in time. It lets you create memories, share memories, and pass memories on to other generations. Pictures really are worth more than a thousand words. You can see and feel and live the emotions that have been captured in time. I love photography because you dont have to be a professional at it to have others enjoy and want to always look at what you have captured with a lenz. Photography is something every age can do, no matter how young or old. Thats why I love photography.

  115. I love how photography captures moments and turns them into treasures to last a lifetime and to be passed down for lifetimes to come. The most simple thing can be transformed into a work of art with the click of a camera. I’m not a professional photographer but I love it and find it to be a very fulfilling and relaxing hobby.

  116. Capturing the fleeting moment…the flash of an eye, raucous laughter, beautiful details, and happy accidents. All those little memories that would be forgotten if left to our fallible brains!

  117. The bride’s joy, the mom’s tears, the maid of honors willingness. Every emotion in a wedding day mounts up to that perfect moment and the fact and amazing gift that me, out of all of the photographers outthere gets to share such an inimate moment with these couples is what makes me love, adore and just feel happy that i get to do what i do. I also love i dont need to go to sunday mass since i usually get to go on saturday 😉

  118. As both a photographer and an avid lover of photographs, my favorite thing about photography is the ability to capture a moment in time just as the artist experiences it.

  119. Photography helps preserves memories. Happy, sad, depressing, joy – it has the ability to preserve these emotions for you. Something you can look back in many years to come and still recall the emotion you felt that day. For some whose life is not so smooth sailing, they can preserve the happy memories and be a constant joy for them.

  120. Simply put, you can never have enough photographs to celebrate your life and your memories, or those of anyone around you.

  121. Photography is the most powerful medium to convey a message. Language and words are unnecessary. A photographs message has the ability to change the world, and if not everyone in the world, then certainly many lives – my life. It evokes feelings about treasured memories, opinions of worldly events, and reminds me of hazy details. Photography empowers me to have a voice, to use my talent and gift it to others. Ultimately, it enables me to make a small dent in this big universe.

  122. I love that photography can capture a moment in time, and then that moment can be revisited with a photograph. Photography can tell stories, show emotions and be cherished forever.

  123. I love how a photograph can bring something to life.

  124. Thatcher proposed yesterday and we are now on the other side of planning, which seems so funny, after all these years as a wedding photographer! We are both photographers and really, it was a fateful connection to photography that brought us together at a workshop in Uganda 5 years ago. What a wonderful giveaway! We’ve never met, but I find Elizabeths work so inspiring. I can see a glimpse of her kind soul in her photographs. Anytime I’ve walked through the Tuilleries, I’ve thought of this image. Elizabeth’s work just stays with you and what an honor it would be to have one of her prints.

  125. I love photography because it is a unique way to preserve a special moment, and that is very precious.

  126. Photography makes me see all the little detail in life I would have missed otherwise.

  127. I ADORE and HONORED at the fact that I am able to freeze a moment in ones life which they can cherish for a lifetime and for generations to come. I become numb and speechless when I receive heartfelt comments from my past clients even after years. Not everyone out there is given this amazing opportunity!

  128. A good photographer can capture a moment in time, but a great photographer can create a story.

  129. I love photography! It makes me feel alive! I’m happy to capture beautiful memories for someone. I love looking back at photos and remembering all the feelings or smells. Each photo has a story, when I take photos I want others to feel the life in the photo. The funny face photos, the photos of the kids crying, each moment, all special. When I get to be photograph a wedding, families or children fills me with joy. I love to create little pieces of memory art with my photos!

  130. I love the ability that photography provides to capture singular moments in time and allow them to be studied, re-visited, and re-lived over and over again. Whether it’s that one special day, moment, person, place, or thing.

  131. I like photography when an image you create or see evokes emotion.

  132. I love being able to change the perception of what people would ordinarily see as “every day” or mundane. I love catching a look, or emotion, where the “communication” doesn’t stop at the shutter click, those images keep communicating their emotion, their story.. forever, and they communicate different things, to different people.

  133. Everyday, my life is consumed by my two greatest passions: family & photography. Being a mother, allows me to view the world differently. You learn to cherish those small moments in a childs life that are so EXCITING to experience, yet it gives me the greatest feeling to be able to capture those moments for myself and for the families around me. Being a wife, reminds me of all the details you have to think of to plan a wedding. All those emotions and how the smallest moments can make a difference on one of the most important days of a couple’s life. Being able to be a part of their day, capture those moments that they may not even realize are happeningis what my love for photography is all about. A playful moment like the flowergirl playing Tag, Youre It!, the bride and groom sharing a secret look, to the tear that may run down the cheek of the couples parents. THOSE are the moments that they will look back on for the rest of their lives and smile to themselves because they will be able to relive that loving feeling they felt on that exact day.

  134. I tried to post earlier, but it never took! I love the interaction that photography provides, in turn creating a spark of creativity and passion among those who love it, those who are being photographed and more. Hope I win something (but I just bought the Master Your Craft set!)

  135. I love that the story told through our photographs lives on for generations, and that the moments that are captured are treasured by the families for their entire lives.

  136. I love photography for the same reasons I love chocolate chip cookies or the smell of baking bread. Photographs have the ability to take you back to an earlier time in your life. They have the power to transport you to someplace you’ve never been. You have an opportunity to relive moments of your life… or enjoy moments through someone else’s eyes. Photographs are powerful, emotional, fun, exciting… and life wouldn’t be the same without them.

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