Holiday Giveaway Week – What If Conference Admission and A Photo Booth How-To PDF from Bebb Studios!

December 13, 2011 | christy

It’s day two of our Holiday Giveaway Week, and the momentum just keeps on growing! Today I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered up with Jen and Steve Bebb of Bebb Studios to award one lucky photographer two seriously amazing prizes:

– Learner Admission to the What If Conference, January 23 – 26, 2012 in Los Cabos, Mexico

– A Photo Booth How-To PDF from Bebb Studios

Read on to learn more about these fabulous prizes, and to enter to win, just leave us a comment here letting us know why you’d love to attend the What If Conference in Mexico! We’ll accept entries all week long and choose our winner randomly next Monday, December 19th, 2011. Good luck one and all!

What If Conference, Cabo 2012

The What If Conference is three days of education with Visual Innovators like Jesse and Whitney Chamberlain, Sarah and Chris Rhoads, Jesh de Rox and Jen and Steve Bebb, whose vision and voice have led them to incredible business success. The What If Conference aims to leave you feeling renewed, refreshed and with the tools you need to make a thriving business of your art. The conference will be held January 23 – 26, 2012 in Los Cabos, Mexico (fab!) and is sure to be like no other. The Learner Admission being given away here is a $599 value (woo-hoo!) but it does not include travel costs, so please be sure you’re available on the conference dates and understand any additional expenses you’ll need to cover before you enter. What a prize!

Photobooth instructional PDF from Bebb Studios

One of the hottest wedding trends, the Photo Booth, is an easy add-on for your professional photography studio, but where do you start? Right here. The Photo Booth by The Bebbs is a comprehensive how-to guide covering everything from the gear, to the set up, to the marketing and product strategies. Packed with twenty-one pages of information, diagrams and more, this is all you need to make the Photo Booth a reality in your studio. Nice! Thanks so much Bebbs!

Leave your entry comments on this post, and be sure to check out yesterday’s Camera Day Pack giveaway from Photojojo, and all the giveaways happening on What Junebug Loves too!

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  1. I love the idea of the Photo Booth. I’ve been trying to come up with how to set one up and this guide would help get to where I want to be.

  2. Some of my favourite photographers in a beautiful country a gazillion degrees warmer than home in January? What’s not to love?! Leaves me already wondering… what if?

  3. What if I could answer my What Ifs? The powerhouse of teachers at this conference would be inspiring, motivational, and beneficial to helping me answer some of my biggest What Ifs.

  4. I would looooove to go to WHAT IF ! To sink my teeth in to challenging myself, pushing artistic boundaries and further developing my creative voice. What better way than to surround myself with visionaries and folks “livin’ the dream’?! If I win, I’ll even take my huz along 😉

  5. The what if conference would be a wonderful opportunity to learn from the best. This would mean so much for my business. Also, I’ve been wanting to incorporate a photobooth into my wedding packages. With this guide I could finally do it.

  6. Seriously? Just to think I may have the opportunity to attend the What If Conference and learn from leading Innovators like Jesse and Whitney Chamberlain, Sarah and Chris Rhoads, Jesh de Rox and Jen and Steve Bebb just blows my mind!! To share and connect in this forum & community, to take my business to the next level!

  7. You bet I would love to go to What If ! No doubt I could learn a lot from the amazing teachers and who doesn’t love Mexico in the winter?

  8. This opportunity couldn’t come at a better time. This conference is sure to reinvigorate my business and inspire me personally. What a potential bright spot in my cold, northern winter.

  9. Wow… to attend the What If Conference in January would be an amazing opportunity to be immersed with brilliant and like minded people who have a deep desire to change the world through their art and creative voice. Running your own business (no matter the business) is hard. Especially a creative business. You can easily get caught up in the day in day out routine of staying afloat and forget to let your voice out. Its easy to forget the creative drive that inspired you to start your business in the first place. I don’t even have words for the gratitude I would have to be able to fill myself up with the goodness that this conference is sure to hold. What If would be a chance to refuel my dreams and hear my creative heart loud and clear.

  10. This is awesome! I’ve never been able to attend a conference because of the financial commitment (I’m a full-time student), and this would be the perfect time of year for me to attend one. I would love to be considered for the trip…thank you!

  11. I’m. Bored. To. Death. With my work that is. I could really use an inspired pick me up. In Mexico.

  12. I believe that if I get to go to the What If Conference, all of my questions about various mythological creatures, governmental conspiracy theories, and how to solve a Rubik’s Cube will be revealed … How else will I be able to sleep at night?! I must know the answers!

  13. I think I have found my voice… but I really need to find a way to make it sing loudly and without fear and help support my sweet family. I would like to come along so I can learn from this amazing crowd how they have done it!! 😉

  14. Oh my goodness, I’ve been oogling the What If conference since I first saw the email in my inbox. “What if” was kind of my theme for 2011 and wow does is resonate with me right now. I’m about to take some gigantic leaps in my business and I’m dying to go to this conference!!

  15. Oh, I adore the Bebb’s and what they do. I also adore what they stand for. This is an exciting give away. I hope I win!!!!

  16. Why do I want to attend the What If Conference? Yes, learning is great. And networking. And there is always room to step up my game. But I like this reason best: IT SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN. 🙂

  17. Want and willing to learn so much in 2012 and beyond… What If Conference sounds like a ton of fun with lots of information!

  18. What IF I won and had the greatest January ever in Cabo being inspired and following my passion!! Yes I want to win and keep making things happen in this New Year.

  19. I want to go because I LOVE SALSA. And Mexico has lots. But really, because I want to be inspired and need support for something NEW that revvvs my engines.

  20. What if? I am the person who is always telling others to : go big, dream bigger, no regrets, anything can happen in your lifetime, you never know where God will take you, there are no boundries, keep going, take risks, think bigger, make it happen etc. I try to ascribe myself to these tag lines in my life. It would be awesome to get some juice pumped into me, and learn from those who are actually live it out.

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