Holiday Giveaway Week – Two-Day Walk Through a Wedding Workshop with Justin and Mary Marantz!

December 14, 2011 | christy

It’s day three of our Holiday Giveaway Week, and we’ve got another incredible opportunity for photography education. Super-star wedding photography duo, Justin and Mary Marantz, are known and loved for their authentic, evocative and timeless images, and their genuine approach to business and life. They love teaching and sharing their experience with other photographers, so today they’re very generously giving away something special to one lucky winner:

– A seat at a Two-Day Walk Through a Wedding Workshop with Justin and Mary Marantz. A $1000 value!

Read on to learn more about this in-depth workshop, and to enter to win, just leave us a comment here letting us know why you’d love to learn from Justin and Mary. We’ll accept entries all week long and choose our winner randomly next Monday, December 19th, 2011. (The first Walk Through of 2012 will be Feb 11-12, at J&M’s home base in Connecticut, and additional dates will be released throughout the year. Please keep in mind this prize covers the workshop fee only and you’ll need to cover your own travel expenses to get to and from New England.) Good luck one and all!

Two-Day Walk Through a Wedding Workshop with Justin and Mary Marantz

Here ‘s how Justin and Mary describe their Walk Through a Wedding Workshop: “Walk Through is two full days of what it takes to be a wedding photographer. The first day will be all shooting & walking through each step of the wedding day, as if we were actually shooting it. But y’know, with better vendor meals. We’ll cover everything from the getting ready to a dark church to posing the couple to shooting the reception complete with killer details. We start bright & early at our place at 9:30 am talking about the “Why” and the first day typically goes until at least 10pm, where we wind back up at home for some night shooting. Throughout the first day we cover all of those trouble spots like posing an unruly bridal party, organizing the family shots, off-camera lighting at the church & reception, what to do if you only have 10 minutes for the portraits, and how to have a game plan to shoot the reception details before the get destroyed. We have everything set up to be just like a real wedding, so this is literally a one-stop shop for all those things you struggle with. But we’re not done. Then we’re going to bring it back on the second day where Justin & I will show you everything (the good, the bad & the ugly) that we got the day before. Then we’ll launch into the “business” day side of things with creating a signature style (including how we do all of our post-processing, especially those rich black & whites), brand power, building momentum and all the workflow & systems to back it up. Because we know what you know. That the shooting side of things is just the first part of creating a successful wedding photography business. And we just wanted to make sure you were getting the whole story.” Don’t miss you chance to enter to win!

Two-Day Walk Through a Wedding Workshop with Justin and Mary Marantz
All images above via The Justin and Mary website

Thanks for entering everyone, and be sure to check out yesterday’s What If Conference Admission and Photo Booth PDF Giveaway from Bebb Studios, Monday’s Camera Day Pack giveaway from Photojojo, and all the giveaways happening on What Junebug Loves too!

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Justin & Mary for years and I know I would learn so much from them. I hope I win!

  2. Justin and Mary are a walth of love and information. They give there hears so much into everything. If you have not visited them please do. justinmarantz.com. They are also doing a live chat on the 18th of January so take a look into that.

  3. Love their use of colour, composition. great captures and would love to learn a few things from them.

  4. You know that feeling when you pick up your favourite magazine and there is such a fabulous photograph on the cover that you instantly drool over it at first and secretly wish you had taken that image yourself with your camera and your lens at that precise moment? It initially feels like a small pang of jealousy but I believe it is the epitome of inspiration and excitement that I feel right now in the remote possibility that I could win…

  5. Would love to win this workshop! I am new to the wedding photography biz and trying to soak up all the knowledge I can. Justin & Mary have such a unique style and approach. I also love that they take the time to teach others and have such a strong online presence. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  6. I saw Mary speak last year for only an hour or so – and it wasn’t enough! I want to hear more about their philosophies, love marks and what inspires them!

  7. I would love to win a spot at J&M’s workshop! I’m pretty new to the wedding photography biz and Justin & Mary have such a relaxed real approach to working with their clients. I also love that they take the time to teach other photogs and have a wonderful brand presence.

  8. I have seen Justin and Mary speak several times and I love listening to them. They are amazing it would be an incredible opportunity and someday I hope to pay it forward! Surely there is nothing better for Christmas than this!!

  9. I love Justin and Mary’s work so much! I saw them in DC recently and it made me rethink completely the way I approach wedding photography. I would love to learn more from them and to be able to actually shoot with them would be amazing!

  10. Umm are you KIDDING ME?! Who wouldn’t love to win this? Insane. I am just diving into weddings head first (after two years of dipping my toes in :)) and can not imagine having the opportunity to learn from these two!

  11. It would an amazing experience to learn from these two incredibly talented artists first had!

  12. I was shooting an engagement session in NYC when I asked the universe if this was what I was meant to be doing. I asked for a sign. That sign came the next day when I stumbled upon Justin and Mary…They’ve encouraged me with their blog, they’ve challenged me to grow my business with their live chats and solidified that this what I’m meant to be doing – simply by showing me that IT IS POSSIBLE. I made a promise to never stop learning, and never stop growing…as long as J&M are teaching and taking photos, I’ll never give up! I’d love to meet them, hug them and say THANK YOU to them in person. I hope I win! Danielle

  13. I love that they have TWO days- one for shooting and one for the production/business side of things. Both angles are equally important and I’d enjoying seeing how it all fits together for them.

  14. WOW! The giveaways y’all have going on this week are blowing me away, and I am particularly excited about this one because, well, J&M are awesome, inspirational and friendly. And to learn from them in their studio? That would be incredible. Just judging from all the things I’ve picked up from their blog, I cannot imagine how educational and helpful their in-person Walk Through is!

  15. First of all, I LOVE Justin & Mary and their AMAZING work! Secondly, Mary is so helpful and amazing and offers so much help to those of us starting out that it would be such an honor to meet them and learn from them in person! I would be so grateful and appreciative to win this!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  16. Oh man, I’m DYING to go to one of their Walk Through a Weddings! I’ve been following Justin and Mary for a while now and I’m absolutely in love with their work. I truly believe that reading their blog has made me a better photographer. I would seriously consider donating a vital organ to win this. AWESOME giveaway!

  17. Why do I want to learn from Justin and Mary? It seems like such a simple question. But as I sit here, attempting to eloquently answer it, I find myself without words. Because how do you explain how you *feel*? How do put down in words exactly what it would mean to spend two days with people who inspire you in more ways than can be counted? How amazing it would be to talk face to face with a woman who, over the course of a mere couple of months, I’ve grown to admire and respect more than anyone in this industry. For her kindness. Her compassion. Her willigness to be exactly who she is-no excuses-while still giving so much to so many. I want, more than anything, to attend a walk through workshp and I would be blesses beyond words if el random número generator chose my entry. Because this workshop-these two people-mean so much to this dream I am feverishly chasing. So very much. I love the vibe, the presence of Justin and Mary. It’s one of compassion and love and fun and energy. I love the emotion in their photographs. They go so far *beyond* the frame, the pose, the exposure, and capture the essence of their subjects. *That* is what great photography is made from. That is the gift I want to give to my clients. That is yet another reason why I would absolutely love to win this. But me: I’m horrible at winning, see. So if I don’t win, I want the winner to take this with them: revel. Run through this experience like it’s an open field filled with sunlight and a warm summer breeze. Embrace every moment of the experience and know that for two days you are living your dream, and the dream of so many others. And that, is power. That is beauty. That is life. Live it. Every last drop of it. Thank you for offering up this seat. Best of luck to all. Xo

  18. I’m a newbie wedding photographer & have oh so much to learn. Like many other photogs, I’ve been a fan of Justin & Mary for a while and follow their blogs/work regularly to soak up every bit of their knowledge. It’s hard to choose one thing that I’d like to learn from them, as there are too many: flow of the day, posing families & the wedding party, post-processing, etc. I would LOVE the chance to learn from them first hand!!

  19. As it is my birthday today, I figured I am feeling pretty lucky! I would love to meet Justin & Mary. The way the love the craft of photography and how they want to share what they do with other photographer like me is amazing! It would be an honor to meet them!

  20. I am 3 years into the wedding photography world. Working marketing by day and photography in every other minute. I would LOVE this opportunity to learn from two of the most skilled artists! I lvoe the simplicity and complexity in each image. Simply amazing

  21. I would love to win this workshop because I want to learn from the best and explore different styles of photography and see which I like best!

  22. Heard J & M speak a couple of years ago and was SO impressed! Would love to spend the day learning all they have to share!

  23. It doesn’t take too many words to say Justin and Mary are the bomb! I am continually inspired and supported by these lovely people. I know that I am making the world a better place every time my life and my craft is enriched by Justin and Mary:)

  24. I would love to attend this awesome workshop! I’m new to wedding photography and would be honored to learn from the best!! Plus, it’s the east coast!!! Perfect:)

  25. Justin and Mary have been such an incredible inspiration for me. Ever since I first saw them present at Partnercon 2009 in New Orleans I fell in love with their wit and timeless images. Reading their blog and following them on FB always makes me smile and realize the more important things in life. I would love the chance to win a seat for Walk-Through. The past 2 years have been very difficult for me and my husband and it would just brighten my whole year by knowing I could hang out for two whole days with two of the coolest and warmest people in the industry!

  26. I feel like Justin and Mary are some of the most real, genuine people in the industry. I love their transparency and authentic-ness!

  27. As a new photographer, I just recently started reading their blog and I’m hooked! They create beautiful, classic photos and have a fantastic outlook on life!!! Yes, please junebug – this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

  28. Justin & Mary are amazing people and photographers. I would love to learn from them ,

  29. I would love the opportunity to attend the walk through. There are few things as fulfilling as pursuing your passions. I think that I’m talented. Talent comes naturally and oftentimes takes very little effort. But, I want to be skilled. Skill is developed. Skill takes effort and time and sweat and determination. I want to push myself to always become better, to work hard and to learn and to grow. I don’t ever want to become stagnant in my growth as a photographer. I think that attending this walk through would be a step in the direction of becoming the photographer I dream of being.

  30. I would absolutely LOVE to attend a Walk Through a Wedding Workshop with Justin & Mary! They are incredible people and continue to amaze me, not only with their stunning photography, but with their willingness to GIVE. I tuned in to their live chat earlier this month and was so blessed by it. I would be honored to attend a J&M Walk Through! 🙂

  31. I would love the opportunity to do a walk through wedding day, and practice the techniques without the stress of messing up a couple’s photos!!

  32. It is one of my goals to attend a Walk Through with Justin & Mary. I have loved following their blog and have learned so much from them about how to be a better photographer and business owner and all of their tips have really helped me! I would lovex3 the opportunity to kick it up a notch with this workshop!!

  33. This is an amazing prize. I would love the opportunity to go to these workshops as J&M are talented and know what they are doing with their business. xo

  34. I LOVE JUSTIN AND MARY! And therefore I want to win a seat at their 2 day walk through a wedding.

  35. OH man, I would crazy crazy love to do this. And I’m a lawyer, just like she was!!!

  36. I would love to hear more about their workflow and how they stay organized. It would be great to get their insight.

  37. J&M have had such a HUGE impact on giving me the courage and self confidence to launch my own photography business. I have been following their blog for a year now and they never cease to amaze me with the knowledge that they so willingly share. I live in Fargo, ND and it really frustrates me that I feel so isolated from the rest of the photog world! It’s especially difficult for me as I have just launched my business and I cannot afford to pay travel fees and the fee for the workshop. I would be so incredibly ecstatic if I could spend an entire weekend soaking up lots of delicious information from two of the most caring and giving photographers I know! Plus, I feel like I owe them a HUGE hug and a starbucks coffee for all of the wonderful tid bits they have shared with me!

  38. I think there work is great and I’d love to learn from them – and I would love to get to know them!! 🙂

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