Holiday Giveaway Week – Photojojo Camera Day Pack!

December 12, 2011 | christy

Happy Holidays Photobug readers! What a year it’s been, and what a lot we have to be thankful for this holiday season. In order to give back just a bit for all that you give to us by being part of our Junebug community, we’ve got a fantastic Holiday Giveaway Week lined up for you. Each day we’ll have goodies galore for you to enter to win – photography focused items here on Photobug, and wedding style focused items on What Junebug Loves. The prizes are all so good we wish we could enter ourselves, so be sure to come back each day to see what’s next!

A stylish, colorful and easy to carry camera day pack from Photojojo

Today we begin with something handy from our generous pals at Photojojothis fantastic Camera Day Pack! If you don’t already know and love Photojojo, head over to their site to check it out quick! They are a one-stop shop for everything to do with photography fun. From their daily e-mails that showcase creative photo projects and products, to their online store filled with toys, gadgets, and photography tools, they are a resource not to be missed.

Today’s item up for grabs is perfect for any of you who don’t take your cameras out and about as much as you’d like because all that gear is just too heavy and bulky. Well this adorable Camera Day Pack is a perfect solution for everyday use. It’s light weight, durable, and has just enough room for your essentials. Plus it’s so cute! It comes in your choice of blue or purple, and is sure to become a fast favorite for any off-duty photographer.

So come on photo lovers and professional photographers alike, enter here to win! Simply visit the Photojojo online shop and then leave us a comment here letting us know which item is at the top of your wishlist, in addition to the Camera Day Pack of course. We’ll accept entries all week long and choose our winner randomly next Monday, December 19th, 2011. Good luck everyone, and thanks again for being Junebug readers!

A stylish, colorful and easy to carry camera day pack from Photojojo

A stylish, colorful and easy to carry camera day pack from Photojojo

Thank you Photojojo!

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  1. I’d love to win this camera bag! The blue is my favorite.

  2. This would be nice when I’m out with the kids and don’t want to feel like I’m working.

  3. What is the most gift i ever get? What else? A gift from PhotoJojo! A Cute colorful camera bag! yeay!!

  4. This bag is SO adorable and functional! I love that you could use a purse and still bring your camera-I never want to miss anything! I love the blue or pink!

  5. ooohhhhh….purple Camera Day Pack! a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag = priceless :). and i’m coveting the Instax cameras and Diana Lens for fun!

  6. Oh on my wishlist is the Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70 from Photojojo and this blue camera day pack of course!!

  7. Would LOVE to win this! Especially in a fun color! Also on my list – a new lens!

  8. So Cute I love them both but i think the blue one is my favorite. I’ve always had black bags, but this brings back the whole idea of its just a purse. So much more casual!

  9. would like to try Diana Lens, could be great fun….and purple Camera Day pack, of course!!!

  10. I would love the spy lens, there are so many people in my family who are terrible in front of a camera. The blue day bag would also be really nice

  11. Oh Wow! thank you for this oportunity! I am a huge fan of Photojojo and could easily put every single item on my wishlist but the one I would like and need most right now is this polaroid camera http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/polaroid-sx-70-camera/ Thanks again – keeping all my fingers and toes crossed! Love from Austria

  12. I love the purple day pack. And the photo instant Mini’s are awesome!

  13. I would LOVE that under water digital camera! I’m already planning some fantastic underwater sessions for this summer! 🙂

  14. The Bokeh Kit looks like it could expand photo possibilities! …AND the Camera Day Pack is a perfect way to take our camera around!

  15. Oh my gosh! This website is so much fun! I’ve always wanted the Instax Mini camera, but that Tokyo Dream strap in the berry red is gorgeous! 🙂

  16. Wow! What’s not love? I suppose if I have to limit it to one – the Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70 but the Lens Cap Strap Holder, and Ring Flash adapter are pretty genius too! And the Blue day pack is PERFECTION! 🙂

  17. I am completely intrigued by the The Bokeh Kit! Seems to open a world of photo possibilities!!

  18. The Photoshop Fridge Magnets are at the top of my Christmas wish list. Thank you, Junebug!

  19. Oh, there’s so much I’d love to get from there. I think the white balance cap might be the top of my list though.

  20. I realy realy like the blue one….it is so pretty!

  21. <3 Photojojo! I would really enjoy the Handy Dandy Hand Strap.

  22. Oh, I’d love the purple bag! I”d like the camera strap lens holder too. Or maybe a white balance lens cover. That fabric dye looks pretty awesome too.

  23. The handy dandy hand strap!

  24. I’d love an SX-70 to go in the bag.

  25. I totally want the ring flash adapter. And this bag!!

  26. pretty sure i’m gonna need one of these fantabulous bags after ben buys me a new instax mini 25 into!!! or before….. either way…. i’m good. 🙂

  27. on the top of my wishlist would be a sx-70 polaroid camera!

  28. There are tons of awesome items, but I love the Instant Photo Picture Frames. Fun!

  29. We’d love the telephoto lens to try when we’re not shooting weddings in Illinois! Of course, we’d also be happy with just the Camera Day Pack. : D

  30. I would definitely pick something practical like the lens cap strap holder! Love the bag, too!

  31. I want the underwater digicam! It might actually make me want to go underwater and learn how to NOT get water up my nose!

  32. ooooohhh! My Christmas wish list has all Photojojo items on it! Serious!! I would love the SX-70 Polaroid Camera along with this cute Camera Day Pack!

  33. I would LOVE to have the Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70!!!!!

  34. I love the iphone panorama lens!!!

  35. The SX-70 Polaroid Camera would be super fun! I love having an instant pic! All my friends know I’m always the one with the camera and I love being that person (it just ends up that I’m never in any pics! haha!!). This would be an awesome prize to win!

  36. Would love to use the 77mm White Balance Lens Cap for sessions, and the camera day pack would be perfect for outings with my family.

  37. The Camera Day Packs are awesome! I need some color in my life considering I carry my camera literally 24/7. I also love the idea of the Digital Time-Lapse Camera. It looks super cool and I’ve always wanted to try something with time-lapse!

  38. I really love the blue one! And my favourite item from that amazing store is the F-stop watch. Photojojo is awesome! 🙂

  39. Oh my goodness, what *don’t* I want from the Photojojo store! Funny about the timing of this post too, I just purchased the Photojojo DIY book last week to give to my colleague for Christmas! But don’t tell her- it is a surprise. 🙂 As far as MY favorite item for ME- I’d love to to try out the Pocket Pod.

  40. really love the blue one! photojojo has too many gorgeous stuff! I would like to have also the camera lens bracelet!

  41. love the purple – and would love to win!!

  42. Love the purple one and love photojojo.. so much fun stuff!

  43. I would love to try get The iPhone SLR Mount and the camera day pack would be perfect for quick little outings.

  44. I have several lenses and camera bags on my wishlist…I love this blue one! Would be so nice to have as a beginner photographer who needs a nice small bag for shoots.

  45. I love PhotoJoJo! In addition to the daypack, I’d love to get a Fuji Instax camera to play around with.

  46. I sent my boyfriend a link to the PhotoJoJo shop with the tagline “Anything in this store will do!” The iPhone SLR mount and the camera day pack are at the top of my list 🙂

  47. In addition to the daypack, I think the split strap would be awesome. I’m all for comfort!

  48. I love the collapsible monopod.

  49. The Strap Buddy is for sure my next purchase =)

  50. Oh man, that blue day pack is so cute! and functional!! Would love that!

  51. I love the digital time-lapse camera. What a great little tool!

  52. If it was still in stock I would buy the Handy Dandy Hand Strap. Ill for sure check back later : )

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