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That’s Hilarious – Quirky and Fun Wedding Photos by Junebug Member Photographers

February 4, 2014 | sarah

In my job, I often come across photos that stop me in my tracks, in fact it's one of my favorite parts of the gig! Sometimes I'm blown away by a gorgeous dress or a dreamy landscape or expert lighting but in today's case, these photos by Kirsten Lewis Photo, Critsey Rowe, and Fer Juaristi grabbed my attention with their dead-pan honest capture of these completely hilarious moments.

That’s Gorgeous! Beautiful Wedding Photos by Junebug Member Photographers

December 19, 2013 | sarah

Get ready for some breathtaking gorgeousness by Junebug Member Photographers Erik Clausen, Richard Israel, Julian Kanz! These beautiful wedding photos literally stopped me in my tracks when I first saw them and I knew you'd love them too!

That’s Adorable! Joyful Wedding Photos by Junebug Member Photographers

December 17, 2013 | sarah

I'm filled with joy by these adorable wedding photos by Mott Visuals Wedding, Ryan Flynn Photography, Natalie Moser Photography, and Critsey Rowe Photography. The way they have captured all this sweetness and authenticity is truly remarkable.

That’s Hot! Romantic Wedding Photos by Junebug Member Photographers

December 10, 2013 | sarah

I love how these romantic wedding photos reveal the photographers' style as well as the personality of their couples. Sexy, intimate, glamorous, I adore them all! Thanks for sharing Studio Uma, Caroline Ghetes, and Critsey Rowe!

Happy Thanksgiving, Photobug Readers!

November 28, 2013 | sarah

Happy Thanksgiving dear Photobug readers! As we eat, toast, rest and celebrate with with our loved ones this holiday weekend, we will also be giving thanks for all of you. We’re so grateful to spend our days creating this site to help you create the most meaningful wedding day possible. The joy you see in these Thanksgiving photos below? That’s how we feel about you – every reader, contributor and cheerleader of Junebug out there. Thank […]

Phenomenal Photography – Classic Portraits by Junebug Member Photographers

November 13, 2013 | sarah

There is something so beautifully sentimental about classic portraits, particularly when captured in black and white, warm sepia and ethereal soft hues. Today, we're basking in the beauty of these timeless photos by Junebug member photographers Stone Photo, Richard Israel, J. Cogliandro, Scott Lewis Images, Adam Alex, Roberto Valenzuela, Ryan Flynn Photography, Phototerra Studio, Ben Sasso, and Belathée Photography.

Phenomenal Photography – Expressive Wedding Photos of Hands

October 30, 2013 | sarah

Today I have some incredibly poetic and emotional wedding photos from our Junebug Member Photographers to share with you and the thread that binds them together is an intentional focus on hands and all they can express. These photos have opened my eyes to all that can be said in a simple gesture; from excitement, joy, pride, peace, love and friendship, the list goes on and on. Thanks to our Member Photographers sharing their absolutely beautiful photos with us.

Phenomenal Photography – Creative Wedding Ring Shots by Junebug Member Photographers

October 9, 2013 | sarah

Wedding rings are often the first wedding detail selected and purchased in the planning process and likely they will be the ones most treasured to the couple after the wedding day. Couples love them but they are also an opportunity for wedding photographers to get creative. Which is exactly why I love these photos by Junebug Member Photographers that range from funny, surprising, mysterious, and lovely.

New Member’s Preview – Wedding Photos from Junebug Member Photographers – September 2013

September 11, 2013 | sarah

Today I have the honor of introducing you to our recently joined Junebug Member Photographers, Jeff+Amber, Joe Craig Photography, Kelly Braman Photography, Cheng NV Wedding Photographer, photojennette, Matthew Moore Photography, and Critsey Rowe Photography, who are all unique, passionate and extremely talented!

South Carolina Wedding at Magnolia Plantation, photos by Richard Israel

June 18, 2013 | sarah

This South Carolina Wedding at Magnolia Plantation is ethereal and romantic, evidenced in everything from gorgeous floral crowns, flowing white dresses of the bridal party, and timeless venue. All this loveliness was captured by the dreamy work of North Carolina wedding photographer Richard Israel.