Wedding Photography Inspiration: San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Photographer Spotlight Interview with The Snap Shots – San Francisco

April 5, 2016 | marissa

All Photos © The Snap Shots This charming duo, hailing from Poland, stand out amongst the faction of married photographer couples for how in-touch with their artistry, their intentions, and their identity they are. Fate was involved somewhere along the way for The Snap Shots, bringing the two together and giving them the shared passion of photography. Behind the name are the lovely Natalia and Marcin, whose life is built and enriched by capturing images so […]

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Nirav Patel – San Francisco

January 5, 2016 | carrie

All Photos ©Nirav Patel Nirav Patel is a pretty accomplished guy. Named a 30 Rising Star by Rangefinder magazine in 2012 and featured in almost every publication you can imagine, Nirav’s work is approachable and captivating, all in one. On top of being a phenomenal photographer, Nirav is a humble, smart, and caring guy. It’s easy to see why his couples are so relaxed and authentic because that’s just Nirav’s style.  We hope you enjoy our […]

New Member Preview – Welcome Junebug Member Photographers!

July 2, 2014 | jen

Our Junebug members never cease to take our breath away and we’re particularly excited by our new member photographers this month! Today’s preview features the impressive works of a few photographers that are still making us catch our breath. Enjoy these wonderful photos from Avant Garde Studio, Elaine Green Photographer, Nicola Tonolini Photographer, Bogdan Condor Photography, York Place Studios, Riccardo Pieri Photography, and Costa Vida Photography! Photo by Avant Garde Studio   Photo by Avant Garde Studio   Photo by Avant Garde Studio   […]

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Heather Elizabeth Photography – San Francisco

May 30, 2014 | jen

Our photographer spotlight shines on Heather Elizabeth Photography today! With an eye for emotion, she has knack for capturing people at just the right moment to give us photos that really tug at our heart strings. We’re happy to share some of her amazing work with you and she’s happy to provide some insight into what it’s like to be a wedding photographer. Have you always wanted to be a photographer? If not, when do you […]

New Member’s Preview – A Warm Welcome to Our New Junebug Photographers!

May 7, 2014 | sarah

I am always blown away by the phenomenal talent we have here at Junebug, and our new Junebug photographers are no exception! Joining the World’s Best Wedding Photographer Hotlist are Daniel Diaz Photography, Gleason Photography, Heather Elizabeth Photography, Christopher Barroccu Photography, and Ash Nayler Photography. Here’s a little sneak peak of all these incredible artists have to offer their lucky couples! photo by Daniel Diaz Photography   photo by Daniel Diaz Photography   photo by Daniel Diaz Photography   photo […]

Phenomenal Photography – Bridal Portraits by Junebug Photographers

April 30, 2014 | sarah

To capture a bride on her wedding day is a true art. Nothing short of exquisite, these phenomenal bridal portraits were captured by Junebug Members Liam Crawley of CG Weddings, Andreas Holm Photography, David Josue, Heather Elizabeth Photography, Sam Hurd, Aurelie Beeston of Studio Impressions, Erik Clausen, Elizabeth Lloyd Photography, Ray Soemarsono of Apertura, Roberto Valenzuela, Richard Israel and Natalie Moser. Absolutely stunning! photo by Liam Crawley of CG Weddings   photo by Andreas Holm Photography   photo by David Josue   photo by Heather Elizabeth Photography   photo by […]

That’s Gorgeous! Beautiful Bridal Portraits by Junebug Photographers

April 15, 2014 | sarah

Excited, maybe a teensy-bit nervous, and always glowing with love - each bride brings her unique personality and style to the wedding day. Thanks to Junebug photographers Erik Clausen, Dylan and Sara, and Ryan Flynn Photography for capturing each lovely lady perfectly and sharing their beautiful bridal portraits with us!

That’s Heartbeaking! Emotional Wedding Photos by Junebug Members

March 25, 2014 | sarah

Tender and touching, these emotional wedding photos by Erik Clausen, Italian Wedding Photography by Jules , and Olivia Vale are a striking reminder of all the beauty one can experience through the eyes of an amazing photographer.

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Mark Janzen – San Francisco, CA

March 17, 2014 | sarah

I started as Photo Editor at Junebug back in 2012, and one of the first photographers that I had the opportunity to work with and share on the blog was Mark Janzen. It's been such a treat to get to spend these past few years being witness to his amazing photos that capture some of the funnest wedding moments I've ever seen. His work truly makes me happy and I know you'll absolutely LOVE our Spotlight Interview with Mark Janzen Photography.

New Member Preview – Welcome Junebug Photographers! February 2014

February 5, 2014 | sarah

2014 has begun and here at Junebug we're so thrilled for all that is to come. We're excited for all the new couples who will be planning their own unique weddings, curious for what will be the popular color palette and decor trends, and oh-so-happy to welcome new Junebug Members and get to share their incredible work with you all year long! Hailing both near and far, from California to South Africa, we're honored to list Milou+Olin Photography, Andreas Holm Photography, Peartree Photography, Pretty Days, and Jeremy Standley Photography on our World's Best Photographers Hotlist!