Wedding Photography Inspiration: Sweden Wedding Photographer

Smoke Bomb Engagement Session from Therese Winberg

December 10, 2015 | carrie

All Photos © Therese Winberg Wanting to add some color to her canvas, Therese Winberg decided to take a snowy engagement shoot to the next level with bright blue smoke bombs and a couple willing to color coordinate and endure cold temperatures. The resulting images are fun, unique, and memorable for sure. From the photographer – “I love when clients give me their full confidence and creative freedom and just says “Yes!” when you say coloured […]

Ask Nordica Photography

December 7, 2015 | carrie

Photo © Nordica Photography Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Cole Roberts and Jakob Granqvist of Nordica Photography did not grow up dreaming of traveling the world with brides and grooms. In fact, they met in marketing school and didn’t truly realize their photography dreams until Cole moved to Vancouver and convinced Jakob to do the same. With a strong business background, the pair quickly launched Nordica Photography and never looked back. We have them here this week […]

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Nordica Photography

November 3, 2015 | carrie

All Photos © Nordica Photography Having shot at some of the world’s most beautiful locations, Cole Roberts and Jakob Granqvist, the dynamic duo behind Nordica Photography, know a thing or two about growing a well respected and successful studio that specializes in destination weddings. We’re excited to share their photographer spotlight with you today, because we know you’re going to learn a lot from it! Enjoy! How do you like to spend your time when you […]

Snowy Portrait Session in Sweden from Therese Winberg Photography

May 5, 2015 | Lexi Ross

When Therese Winberg sent us this stunning snowy portrait session, it was love at first sight. There is something about snow that is so magical, and we are completely enamored with everything (from the beautiful landscape, to the incredible natural light) this portrait session encompasses. Therese Winberg did a fantastic job at capturing the undeniable chemistry between the gorgeous couple, Lotta and Therese. Many thanks to Therese Winberg for sending us this breathtaking snowy portrait session! Want […]

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Therese Winberg – Sweden

March 10, 2015 | Lexi Ross

I recently had the honor of interviewing Therese Winberg, a wonderfully talented destination photographer based in beautiful Sweden. Drawing inspiration from the world around her (and Wes Anderson films!), Therese has an innate ability to capture quiet, intimate moments brilliantly. Kind, funny, and humble, her passion for what she does radiates in every single one of her artistic, vibrant images. I hope that you take the time to read this lovely interview with Therese Winberg, one […]

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Lena Larsson Photography – Sweden

May 2, 2014 | christine

Today’s Photographer Spotlight Interview is featuring the lovely work of Stockholm, Sweden based photographer Lena Larsson. A former press photographer, Lena focuses her work on telling the story of the wedding day. The result is absolutely breathtaking! We hope you enjoy this gorgeous Photographer Spotlight! Why photography? What draws you to it? My love affair with photography started in the dark room. I was 16 and had a photography course on the curriculum at my college. Of […]

Photographer Spotlight Interview with 2 Brides Photography – Sweden

April 14, 2014 | sarah

I'm absolutely thrilled to share with you today's Photographer Spotlight Interview with Isabelle and Sabina of 2 Brides Photography. Capturing weddings in Sweden and all over Europe, this talented duo tells a wedding story that is the perfect mix of fine-art and editorial. Shooting with film, all their photos have a unique and consistent style; soft and bright, clean and natural. Honestly, my words aren't doing justice at this point and what you're really going to want to do is to put your eyes all over these gorgeous photos!

Phenomenal Photography – Creative Wedding Party Photos

February 26, 2014 | sarah

With dashing groomsmen and blushing bridesmaids to capture, naturally the wedding party group shot has become a traditional part of the day. Today we're celebrating our Junebug Member Photographers who went above and beyond the traditional, resulting in truly exceptional, fun and creative wedding party photos. Bravo to Scobey Photography, Callaway Gable, Adam Nyholt photographer, Sam Hurd, Kimberly Jarman Photography, Soul Echo Studios, Mott Visuals Wedding Photography, Lisa Lefringhouse Photography, and Jennifer Moher!