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Photographer Spotlight Interview with Martijn Roos – The Netherlands

October 4, 2016 | marissa

All Photos © Martijn Roos One of the best aspects of performing Photographer Spotlight Interviews is having the opportunity to learn things about our members that we would otherwise never find out. We’ve known Martijn Roos for a short time but have since learned quite a bit about him through his imagery. With his interesting perspectives, compositions, and use of light, he has made himself a clear figure among our young members. His empathy is endearing and […]

Managing Client Expectations

May 9, 2016 | Mark Pacura

Expectations. We all have them. Regardless of what we do, where we go, we all have expectations, and with the wedding day being one of the most important moments in everyone life, there’s a little surprise that quite often expectations can be sky high. As a wedding community, we are partially to blame for this as the bar for the most amazing wedding is going up all the time. The best flowers, most exotic destination, the coolest DJ — […]