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How Losing Your Ego Can Be The Best Thing For Your Business

July 18, 2016 | Chris + Verity Sansom

All photos © Sansom Photography When Our Egos Get Too Loud A discussion between some friends caught my attention recently; it was one about on-site wedding coordinators and their apparently universal disdain for wedding photographers. The tales varied from coordinators controlling access to the couple to photographers being told to drink from the tap in the toilet. Suffice to say, each of us in the group felt that we had been pre-judged by the coordinators, and […]

Staying Inspired – Finding Your Creativity In An Industry Of Creators

June 20, 2016 | Chris + Verity Sansom

All photos © Sansom Photography Staying inspired can be a challenge for creators of all kinds. In an industry where we’re constantly bombarded by incredible images from all around the world, it’s not hard to come up with ideas for shots you haven’t tried yet. Having recently judged a competition with hundreds of entries, one thing that really hit home for us was the fact that true originality feels harder and harder to come by. There […]

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Liam Collard – Thailand

April 26, 2016 | marissa

All Photos © Liam Collard Photography There’s no doubt the image above has been a long-standing Junebug favorite. How can you not smile while looking at it? Behind the jovial photograph are Liam and his partner (in both life and photography), Stam, who have created a business built around exploration, new experiences, and expanding their wedding photography prowess. Very few photographers have a story quite as inspiring as Liam’s; his description of life prior to being […]

Rainy Wedding in Yorkshire from Sansom Photography

January 7, 2016 | carrie

All Photos ©Sansom Photography Anytime we share a wedding from Sansom Photography, we’re always blown away by this photography duo’s ability to find light and beautiful moments wherever they are. Today, we’re sharing a wedding from Sansom that definitely did not have prime light or weather conditions. It rained the entire day! Despite the circumstances, Chris and Verity were still we able to capture beautiful couple portraits at this rainy wedding in Yorkshire. Enjoy! From […]

Sentimental Staunton Harold Hall Wedding from Sansom Photography

December 3, 2015 | carrie

All Photos © Sansom Photography Understanding your couples’ personalities and what they love about each other doesn’t only help you to create better photographs, it helps you create a better experience for yourself and for your clients. When we came across Claire and Derrick’s wedding at Staunton Harold Hall, it didn’t surprise us very much to learn that the pair went to high school with their photographer, Chris Sansom, of Sansom Photography. From the photographer […]

Adorable Engagement Session from Marianne Taylor Photography

May 25, 2015 | Lexi Ross

Happy Memorial Day, Junebug readers! We can’t think of anything cuter than an adorable engagement session featuring tons of cherry blossoms and sunshine, especially one from Marianne Taylor Photography! From the gorgeous cherry blossom trees, to the beautiful couple, Marianne did an exceptional job capturing the love between these two. Enjoy! Many thanks to Marianne Taylor for sharing your beautiful work with us!

Photographer Spotlight Interview with CG Weddings by the Crawleys – UK

November 12, 2014 | Lexi Ross

In a superior class of their own, CG Weddings by the Crawleys has quickly become one of our absolute favorite wedding photographers here at Junebug. Not only are their images quirky, creative, and daring, they also break the mold when it comes to traditional wedding photography. With Liam behind the lens and Bee perfecting the final product, these two are a powerful duo, consistently pushing the boundaries and forging their own path. We adore these […]

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Chris Barroccu Photography – South Wales

June 4, 2014 | jen

We’re happy to introduce Chris Barroccu of Chris Barroccu Photography in today’s Photographer Spotlight Interview! Chris is a photographer that truly lives for innovation and making your wedding photos into a wonderful piece of art. It is a pleasure to showcase some of our favorite work by this incredibly creative photographer. Tell us a bit about yourself. I am very lucky to have started my career with the BBC at age 17. I spent 15 years […]

That’s Gorgeous! Beautiful Wedding Photos from Ed Peers – England

May 16, 2014 | christine

I could stare at these beautiful wedding photos all day! England wedding photographer Ed Peers is out of this world when it comes to capturing the romance of a wedding, and these photos celebrate this entirely! Thanks for sharing your stunning work Ed Peers!

That’s Hilarious! Funny Wedding Photos by Junebug Photographers

April 24, 2014 | sarah

Weddings are full of awkward and hilarious moments, and these two photos from Mott Visuals and Lisa Lefringhouse Photography should be all the proof you need! photo by Mott Visuals   photo by Lisa Lefringhouse Photography