Wedding Photography Inspiration: Croatian Wedding Photographer

Stunning Couple Portraiture from DT studio – Croatia Wedding Photographers

July 30, 2015 | carrie

Weddings go by fast, which is why making the most out of the short amount of time you have with your couple before and/or after the ceremony is pivotal. It’s during these photo sessions that photographers have the ability to test themselves creatively and capture unique and intimate images that will live with their couples for years to come. We have DT studio here today to inspire us all with some stunning couple portraiture and words of wisdom. Enjoy! How do you […]

Phenomenal Photography – Beautiful Wedding Portraits in Natural Landscapes

May 28, 2014 | sarah

These unbelievable landscape portraits not only show us incredible places around the world, but also remind us that every marriage is a beautiful journey embarked upon by two adventurous people. All these awesome moments were captured by Junebug members Sam Hurd Photography, Veli Photography, Two Mann Studios, This Modern Love Photography, Ken Kienow Wedding Photography, Theilen Photography, Savo Photography, Maloman Studios, and Mihoci Photography. photo by Sam Hurd Photography   photo by Veli Photography   photo by […]

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Mihoci – Croatia

April 11, 2014 | sarah

With colors luscious and dream-like, Mihoci's wedding photos tell grand and romantic fairytales. Based in Croatia, photographer David Mihoci calls his home "The most beautiful place on Earth" and although I've never been there, I'm apt to believe him, based on the stunning settings of these incredible photos. Enjoy today's Spotlight Interview with Mihoci and don't be surprised if you're soon booking your trip to Croatia or booking David to come capture your wedding day!

Phenomenal Photography – Wedding Dance Photos by Junebug Member Photographers

January 22, 2014 | sarah

Don't you just love a romantic first dance at a wedding? Or a tear-filled father-daughter dance? Or a choreographed routine that knocks everyone's socks off? Great dance photos can capture all the personality and atmosphere of those amazing moments, and our Junebug Member Photographers Mihoci Photography, Daniel and Lindsay of Stark Photography, Citlalli Rico Photography, Scott Lewis Images, BP Photo, Jennifer Moher Photography, and 37 Frames Photography did just that with these images. Enjoy!

That’s Gorgeous! Beautiful Wedding Couple Portraits by Member Photographers

January 14, 2014 | sarah

I absolutely love how these beautiful couple portraits by our Junebug Member Photographers evoke a sense of place, style and emotion. Each one different yet equally gorgeous!