Wedding Photography Inspiration: Alberta Wedding Photographer

Adventure Sessions with Carey Nash Photography

October 27, 2015 | carrie

All Photos © Carey Nash Photography Providing luxury wedding photography for the adventurous couple, Carey Nash offers what he’s coined “adventure sessions” as an alternative for brides and grooms who are looking for more dramatic and unique imagery. If you’re looking for more time with your couples after the rush of the wedding day, you might want to take a few tips from Carey. From the Photographer –  The day after or Adventure Sessions are something […]

Spectacular Mountaintop Wedding from Two Mann Studios

October 22, 2015 | carrie

All Photos © Two Mann Studios Set in the Canadian Rockies, Michelle and Phil’s mountaintop wedding included one gorgeous veil, strikingly blue skies, adventurous climbs, and tons of laughs. I have never seen a bride smile as much as Michelle. Lucky for us all, Two Mann Studios was there to capture the emotions of the day flawlessly. From the photographer: Summer in the rockies is completely unpredictable. We can have all 4 seasons in one […]

Ask Gabe McClintock – Answered

October 5, 2015 | nicole

You’ve been awed by his epic destination weddings in Iceland and Mexico, as well as his boudoir photography in a naturally lit bedroom. You’ve wondered how he poses his couples and which lenses he reaches for in his trusty camera bag. Today, Gabe McClintock answers your questions in our first installment of Ask, a new feature here on Photobug! We’re so excited to share with you today the answers to your most burning questions from one […]

New Member Preview – Welcome Junebug Member Photographers!

July 2, 2014 | jen

Our Junebug members never cease to take our breath away and we’re particularly excited by our new member photographers this month! Today’s preview features the impressive works of a few photographers that are still making us catch our breath. Enjoy these wonderful photos from Avant Garde Studio, Elaine Green Photographer, Nicola Tonolini Photographer, Bogdan Condor Photography, York Place Studios, Riccardo Pieri Photography, and Costa Vida Photography! Photo by Avant Garde Studio   Photo by Avant Garde Studio   Photo by Avant Garde Studio   […]

Phenomenal Photography – Beautiful Wedding Portraits in Natural Landscapes

May 28, 2014 | sarah

These unbelievable landscape portraits not only show us incredible places around the world, but also remind us that every marriage is a beautiful journey embarked upon by two adventurous people. All these awesome moments were captured by Junebug members Sam Hurd Photography, Veli Photography, Two Mann Studios, This Modern Love Photography, Ken Kienow Wedding Photography, Theilen Photography, Savo Photography, Maloman Studios, and Mihoci Photography. photo by Sam Hurd Photography   photo by Veli Photography   photo by […]

That’s Adorable! Sweet Wedding Photos by Junebug Member Photographers

April 10, 2014 | sarah

Well this is downright adorable! Thanks to Two Mann Studios, CG Weddings by The Crawleys, and Studio Impressions for spreading happiness with these sweet wedding photos.

That’s Genius! Creative Framing and Composition by Stark Photography

April 2, 2014 | sarah

With unique composition, creative framing, and a oh-so-romantic moment, this photo has it all! Thanks to Stark Photography for sharing this genius photo with us.

That’s Adorable! Favorite Photos from Photobug in 2013

December 26, 2013 | sarah

Sometimes there are no other words than "completely absolutely adorable" to describe a photo and these photos are it! Our Member Photographers bring calm and confidence to their work that allows their couples and guests to relax and be their darn cute self!

Happy Thanksgiving, Photobug Readers!

November 28, 2013 | sarah

Happy Thanksgiving dear Photobug readers! As we eat, toast, rest and celebrate with with our loved ones this holiday weekend, we will also be giving thanks for all of you. We’re so grateful to spend our days creating this site to help you create the most meaningful wedding day possible. The joy you see in these Thanksgiving photos below? That’s how we feel about you – every reader, contributor and cheerleader of Junebug out there. Thank […]

Photographer Spotlight Interview – Gabe McClintock Photography – Alberta, Canada

October 14, 2013 | sarah

Today I get to share with you our Spotlight Interview with Gabe McClintock Photography, I've been so excited for this and once you see his photos, you'll understand why! Based in Alberta, Canada, Gabe's photos are artistic, emotional and often set in beautiful landscapes. Revealing love and relationships in the subtlest of moments, he captures the touches and looks that often go unnoticed but express more than words ever could.