Wedding Photography Inspiration: Top Pics Of The Week

Top Pics of the Week – April 20

April 20, 2018 | colleen

photo by Urban Photo Lab It’s time for another round of our top pics of the week and these images are straight fire. From double exposures to aerial shots, this week’s contributors pulled out all the stops. Thank you so much to Quattro Studio Photography, Kevin Klein, You and Me Fotografie, Sara Rogers Photography, Karmathartic, Patryk Szypula Fotografia, Ale Bigliazzi, and Urban Photo Lab for sharing their work with Photobug! photo by Ale Bigliazzi photo by Patryk Szypula Fotografia photo by Karmathartic photo by […]

Top Pics of the Week – April 13

April 13, 2018 | colleen

photo by Naba Zabih There’s nothing spooky about this Friday the 13th’s Top Pics post! We are loving how creative our contributor’s were with their use of light and how strong their portrait game is – heart eyes for days! A big thanks to Rosey Red Photography + Film, James Escobar, Boutique Blinks, Stills By Hernan, Henry Tieu Photography, Jordan Alexandra Photo, Nick Plus Danée, Jana and Simon Photography, and Naba Zabih for sharing their work with us! photo by Jana and Simon Photography photo […]

Top Pics of the Week – April 6

April 6, 2018 | colleen

photo by Manioros Studio From skiing on your wedding day to deer doing the cutest photobomb of all time, there’s a handful of surprises in this week’s top pics. Thank you so much to The Santos and Co, Flipmax Photography, Bastian Najich, Brandi Potter Photography, Nina and Darek, Wild Connections Photography, Anne-Claire Brun, Light Pictures, Carotida Photographer, and Manioros Studio for sharing their incredible work with us! photo by Carotida Photographer photo by Light Pictures photo by Anne-Claire Brun photo by Wild Connections Photography photo by […]

Top Pics of the Week – March 30

March 30, 2018 | colleen

photo by LeeAnn B Stephan This week’s top pics is full of city romance! From kissing under cafe lights to crossing Grecian streets, there’s so much to obsess over in these images and video! The biggest thank you to Tom Armstrong, Froydis Geithus, Manioros Studio, Sara Rogers Photography, Klisza Art Studio, Malorie Kerouac Photography, Dallas and Sabrina, This Modern Revelry, and LeeAnn B Stephan for sharing their talent with us this week! video by This Modern Revelry photo by Dallas and Sabrina photo by Malorie […]

Top Pics of the Week – March 23

March 23, 2018 | colleen

photo by Anchor and Veil Photography The sky’s the limit with our weekly Top Pics post! From starry nights to a little something under the rainbow, these photos will be giving you some major heart eyes. Thank you so much to Erik Winter, September Company, Gilang Uthe, Jess Rankin Photographer, Bastian Najich, Henry Tieu Photography, David Ruff Photography, and Anchor and Veil Photography for sharing their incredible work with us! photo by David Ruff Photography photo by Henry Tieu Photography photo by Bastian Najich photo […]

Top Pics of the Week – March 16

March 16, 2018 | colleen

photo by Henry Tieu Photography We’re running towards the weekend as happy as can be, because this is the first time we are featuring video in our Top Pics posts! Stay tuned for more incredible portraits and now killer video clips! Shout out to Malorie Kerouac Photography, Dakai Photography, M Lindsay Photography, Amanda Canton, Art and The Aerialist, Boutique Blinks, Summer Rayne Photo, Maru Films, and Henry Tieu Photography for sharing their amazing work with us this week! video by Maru Films photo by Summer […]

Top Pics of the Week – March 9

March 9, 2018 | colleen

photo by Erin Fraser Photography This week’s top pics are coming in hot with some dreamy images. Get ready for some portraits that will get your heart jumping up and down from excitement! The biggest thank you to Light Pictures Photography, Chelsea Warren Photography, Henry Tieu Photography, Jakub Świętochowski, Kevin Lowery, Robyn and Finch, Manuel Balles Wedding Photographer, and Erin Fraser Photography for sharing their work with us! photo by Manuel Balles Wedding Photographer photo by Robyn and Finch photo by Kevin Lowery photo […]

Top Pics of the Week – March 2

March 2, 2018 | colleen

photo by Don and Helen This week’s top pics are absolutely killer. Get ready for steamy couple portraits and emotion-filled images that will make you melt like butter. All of this goodness is thanks to Trevo Pictures, Naba Zabih Photography, The Santos and Co., David Le, Samantha Donaldson, A Nomadic Love, Matthew Steed Wilson Photography, and Don and Helen! photo by Matthew Steed Wilson Photography photo by A Nomadic Love photo by Samantha Donaldson photo by David Le photo by The Santos and Co. photo […]

Top Pics of the Week – February 23

February 23, 2018 | colleen

photo by Phan Tien Photography From foggy weather to candle-lit portraits, there are some major moody winter vibes going on in this week’s top pics. Thank you so much to James Escobar, Wertvoll Fotografie, Summer Leigha Photography, Kristen Kaiser, CATS Photography, Don and Helen, Stay Bright Photo, and Phan Tien Photography for being contributors for our top pics of the week! photo by Stay Bright Photo photo by Don and Helen photo by CATS Photography photo by Kristen Kaiser photo by Summer Leigha Photography […]

Top Pics of the Week – February 16

February 16, 2018 | colleen

photo by Adam and Alexandra Photography From a skating rink to colorful confetti, this week’s top pics have a subtle nostalgic feel to them. The biggest thank you to The Bold Americana, Rosey Red Photography, Naba Zabih Photography, Veronika Ward Photography, Henry Tieu Photography, Don and Helen, Flipmax Photography, and Adam and Alexandra Photography sharing their images with us this week! photo by Flipmax Photography photo by Don and Helen photo by Henry Tieu Photography photo by Veronika Ward Photography photo by Naba Zabih […]