Birthday Giveaway! Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue from drop it MODERN!

July 20, 2011 | christy

modern photo backdrops from drop it MODERN

To continue celebrating Junebug’s 5th birthday month (woo-hoo!), we have another giveaway for you today, and this one is BIG! You heard about drop it MODERN’s new vintage camera iPhone cases in our giveaway a couple weeks ago, but today we’re all about their main area of expertise – AWESOME backdrops! drop it MODERN has practically reinvented the photo backdrop for professional photographers, creating drops that are extra large, extremely high quality, and made in modern colors and prints that you just can’t find anywhere else. Today they’re launching a whole new selection of fabulous backdrops and products on their site, and yes sir, you guessed it, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re giving some away!

Thanks to the teams at drop it MODERN and BorrowLenses.com, four lucky Junebug readers are walking away with a little something special…

Something Old – the Woodgrain backdrop. A classic drop it MODERN backdrop with a hip, edgy vibe…

modern photo backdrops from drop it MODERN, photos by Schaap Studios

Something New – the Gypsy backdrop. A brand new vibrant pink and red damask print backdrop just released by drop it MODERN…

modern photo backdrops from drop it MODERN, photos by Elizabeth Messina - Kiss the Groom

Something Borrowed – A $100 gift card from the amazing lens rental service BorrowLenses.com, so you can shoot the images you’re envisioning through the exact lens you need… (The “borrowed” photo below was taken in front of the new grey and white hexagon drop called Greydiant, using a lens from BorrowLenses.com)

online lens rental service BorrowLenses.com, photo by Schaap Studios

Or Something Blue – the Sea Horse backdrop. The freshly reissued (it’s been sold-out for months!) and much beloved blue and grey damask backdrop that has helped put drop it MODERN on the map…

modern photo backdrops from drop it MODERN, photos by Elizabeth Messina - Kiss the Groom

To enter to win one of these fantastic prizes, simply leave a comment here letting us know about your favorite designs from the drop it MODERN website and which one of the Old, New Borrowed or Blue options above you’d most like to win! We’ll accept entries for the next week, and randomly choose our winners next Wednesday, July 27th.

Lots of luck to all who enter to win, a huge thank you to drop it MODERN and BorrowLenses.com for their generosity! And Photographers who are members of our World’s Best Wedding Photographers Hotlist, don’t forget that you get a special discount rate with drop it MODERN a part of our Member Perks Program!

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  1. There are so many to choose from! I like so many but as a favorite: * GREYDIENT * I want something New! (but I would take any of them ;P)

  2. I’ve been looking for a place to buy backdrops from that are unique and versitile! Thank you for posting this! I like the Graydient backdrop (1), woodgrain (2), and sea horse (3). Do we comment here to be entered into the contest to win a backdrop?

  3. Happy, happy continued birth-month, Junebug! I love all of the designs from drop it MODERN. If I had to choose one, I think it’d be Sea Horse…or Greydient. Ok, or Swanky 😉 Sea Horse would be a dream to win!

  4. My favorite Drop it Modern backdrop is Mustard Seed – something about the colors that I just love! I like the Something Old – Woodgrain!!

  5. I have been a drop it modern fan from the beginning! I have many of their backdrops. From the normal b&w vintage ones, to other styles. I don’t have a backdrop like the “old” one, so that would be the one I’d like!!!!

  6. i LOVE the greydiant backdrop 🙂 thats the one I would like to win most!

  7. I love the woodgrain backdrop! That’s the one I would like to win…the something old 🙂

  8. I love the wood grain backdrop!! It would be perfect for shooting our wood burned products, and would definitely be the one I would love to win. Thanks for the chance!!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! Im in love with Flower Power, Im all about the burst of color!!! I would be the happiest girl in the world to win the Gypsy print, thats definitely my fav 🙂 Thanks! Good luck everyone 🙂

  10. They’re all great, but I love the greydiant or wonderland backdrop! I would love to win the something blue 🙂

  11. I love them all! If I had to choose just one I would go with Greydiant. Glad to find this great website!

  12. Happy birthday Junebug! I would definitely love having something blue!

  13. I would love to win the gift card from borrowlenses. I love that place! But, the backdrops are amazing. Would love the damask one.

  14. I LOVE both of these vendors…they truly are spectacular! If I had to pick just one it would be something blue!!! I’ve been coveting that backdrop for MONTHS!!!!

  15. The wood grain backdrop! But I love them all 🙂

  16. Oh, I was leaning toward seahorse until I looked at more pictures of Graydient on their web site. Tough call but I would go with Gradient at this time.

  17. seahorse and grey damask are tied for sure!

  18. I have canary and poppy, I REALLY want sea horse!!!

  19. I love the Seahorse backdrop, and something BLUE! I’ve been eyeing that one for a while. 🙂

  20. Love this giveaway so much!! I love the Something Blue – so pretty and colorful 🙂

  21. All of this backdrops areamazingly beautiful but my absolute fav is the Sea Horse backdrop. Soft and classy but quirky at the same time. I’s love to win “something blue” 🙂 thank you both! HAPPY B’DAY!!

  22. I love the sea horse back drop!! I also love the woodgrain. they are beautiful and I would love to win one! I am just envisioning the photos I could do…..so pretty and fun!

  23. GORGEOUS!!! They are all beautiful, but my two favorites are the wood grain and the seahorse! So Generous!! Thank you for this offer!!! HAPPY B-DAY JUNEBUGS!! WE LOVE YOU!

  24. i purchased a DIm backdrop a month and a half ago, worked well for two photo sessions and i plan on using it in a wedding in early september. I would love to add the greydiant backdrop for future photo sessions/weddings!

  25. I love the Seahorse back drop! I would love to have any of them though, so inspiring and lovely!

  26. I love the seahorse backdrop. Love them all, but would prefer ‘Something Blue’

  27. Wow! These are incredible. I think ‘peacock’ is definitely a favorite as well as the ‘something blue seahorse.’ If I am chosen, that is what I would like to win!

  28. I LOVE them all… but my favorites are prob either the Greydient & LOVE the Sea Horse!! 🙂

  29. I so loveee the backdrops! please let me have the Sea Horse backdrop, pretty please…..

  30. I too covet the greydiant. But of the giveaways OLD (wood grain) would do me too.

  31. My favorite is the Sea Horse background but also like the gradient.

  32. I would love to win the “something old” woodgrain backdrop or the “something blue” sea horse backdrop. Both are incredibly beautiful!!

  33. I am absolutely obsessed with the SeaHorse. I would decorate my house with this backdrop. Its everything I look for in a modern, cool wallpaper!

  34. I use the Canary 9×9 and have couples who ask specifically for that backdrop because they love the color and energy of it. It’s perfect for a photo booth and by far the most popular backdrop that I have. The new red Gypsy line looks like it could do the same and would be one I’d love to add to my collection!

  35. LOVE the something blue. And these giveaways are awesome. Thank you!

  36. I love the seahorse backdrop! So, so pretty! 🙂

  37. I would love the new seahorse backdrop!!!! Amazing product!!!

  38. Would love for the something blue it’s stunning!!

  39. Oh gosh – I have SO many favorites from drop it MODERN! I love how dark and sultry their Back in Black backdrop is. I’ve always been a fan of Peacock — one of my favorite colors! And loooove how simple and beautiful Wonderland is — such a perfect name for it, too. Of these 4… damn, hard to choose… but I’ve gotta say SEA HORSE! Love the name, love the pattern, love the colors… it’s perfect!!

  40. I am all about “the Gypsy”.. mad luv for that popping fun color!

  41. I adore your new Gypsy!! But I have been eyeing the Vintage for a while for my backdrop that I set up at weddings for the guests to have fun with. I recently got to hold your samples at Midwest Photo and I was so impressed with the quality of the material!! The best backdrops I have had my hands on yet!!

  42. I love the gypsy background, I would totally see it being perfect for my wedding!

  43. I LOVE the Sea Horse back drop!!

  44. Gradient would have to be my fav and then Wood Grain.

  45. I have almost all of the backdrop and love them! Would love to win the new Black Keys! I just ordered the Gypsy and Greydiant yesterday and am excited to try them out!

  46. From their site, I like the GREYDIENT one. For the contest, I like the “Something borrowed” option.

  47. My favorite is the wood grain. I would love to win something OLD!

  48. I want the Something Blue!!! I have no backdrops and need them, so I’d love to win this fantastic giveaway!! Xoxo

  49. Sea Horse, definitely! Excellent ..

  50. I like the old one the best. Especially with it a bit out of focus.

  51. LOVE LOVE LOVE Drop it Modern, especially seahorse, to.die.for!

  52. Would love something borrowed.

  53. I would love “something blue” SeaHorse rocks!

  54. The Gypsy Background. I love the vibrant colors that allow you to make images that POP!

  55. My favorite: woodgrain. The one I’d most like to win (at this point in time): something borrowed.

  56. Oh Seahorse Backdrop, won’t you be mine?!

  57. I love DropitModern! I am lucky enough to have a couple of their backdrops and the quality is amazing. I would love to add gypsy to my collection. Thanks so much for the chance to win. 🙂

  58. would LOVE the borrowed and blue 🙂 Rent some lenses! But that last backdrop is gorgeous!

  59. I love the wonderland backdrop as a great overall piece and I really like the gypsy pattern from your new set for fun, fabulous photos.

  60. I own Vixen and it’s beautiful in boudoir! I’ve been eyeballing Seahorse (so happy it’s back!) for a while and would love to snag it!

  61. I of course want ALL of them, but don’t have one yet! 🙂 I can see myself using “Wonderland” a ton. For this contest, I would love, love “something new – Gypsy”!

  62. Back in black is a neat looking backdrop. I’d mostly like to win the $100 borrow lenses certificate. I’ve been using them a lot recently…

  63. LOVE Sea Horse and Gypsy!!

  64. I love, love, love these and am so looking forward to putting one in our photobooth at our wedding in 100 days EXACTLY. I am in love with Surf Rider and want to make blankets out of it and wrap myself in it every day. Since I haven’t yet found my something blue for my wedding AND especially since the colors for our beachside wedding are sea green, teal, and gray, Sea Horse is my absolute favorite. So beautiful, Drop it MODERN!

  65. greydient! id love to drape the babies nursery in it too!

  66. Tough call! Although I usually do not pick favorites (especially from DIM as ALL of their products are fab!!!) I very much adore the new Black Keys. I have desired a DIM backdrop for the loooongest time and would be thrilled to win Woodgrain. Happy Happy Birthday Junebug!!!!

  67. I’m lovin’ that Greydiant. Love the way it looks with that shallow DOF!

  68. I absolutely LOVE the Black on Black design and am repeatedly stunned at how well it photographs! Of the choices … ????? ???? ???????? ????? ????. ???? ?????? ? ???????? ??????? ???????. which translates too, “The Gypsy spirit courses through me. Long live color.”

  69. I’m loving the new Greydient backdrop. I think it would be perfect for a wedding photobooth. I could also see myself using the heck out of the new Gypsy backdrop.

  70. I love the vintage design off their site and would love to win the the Sea Horse backdrop.

  71. I love the seahorse backdrop and would love to win a giftcard to borrow lenses!! I have never rented from them and wanted to try them out!

  72. I love the wood grain backdrop. Happy Birthday!!!

  73. Love it all!! I want, I want, I need, I need 🙂 What a fabulous giveaway. I’d love the something blue but theres some lenses I have my eye on trying as well …..

  74. My favorite is the Sea Horse backdrop off of their website and would love to win the something blue.

  75. The woodgrain backdrop looks like its timeless and classic I would l workove this backdrop for my studio

  76. What a great giveaway!! My fave from the website is Peacock and the option I want to win is Blue- The Sea Horse Backdrop.

  77. Something borrowed pls! I really want to try out the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM for about 10 days and the gift certificate would almost cover it!

  78. There’s so many, but top on my list is the woodgrain. I have horrible commercial carpet in my studio and this would be perfect!!!

  79. something blue!!!

  80. I LOVE the Gypsy design! SO cute! I’d most love to win the Gypsy Backdrop. Second best would be Something Borrowed. 😀 A very very cool giveaway, guys!

  81. Loving the woodgrain backdrop!

  82. I love the *SOHO* design, and that woodgrain has an awesome vintage vibe too it.

  83. I like the GREYDIENT by far the best and out of the three mentioned SEA HORSE is my favorite!

  84. I have to chime in with the others here and say that the Greydiant backdrop is very nice. Simple, effective, and lets the models really pop. I think I will make my preference for the “borrowed” prize, since the others are pretty much a sure thing anyway.

  85. I love love love the Vintage & Mustard Seed backdrops!!! I would love love love to win the new Sea Horse backdrop!! I am sure I could find a use for all of the prizes offered though!! Lens rentals are always a win! Fun colorful backdrops are always a win! All wins!! 🙂 Thank you!

  86. Greydient is my favorite one! Woodgrain is a close second and the Sea Horse would be the next. They are all fashionably awesome!

  87. I’m all about the $100 gift certificate. Thanks for the generosity!

  88. The something blue Sea Horse design is my favorite. Something about it brings back memories of childhood, maybe I had a wallpaper pattern like it or something. At any rate, I find it beautiful and serene.

  89. OMG- I LOVE all of these! How does one choose just ONE!!! I’d probably have to go with Seahorse…I could use it for both adults and kids. (But myfavorites are Poppy and Black Keys!!!) Thanks for such a great giveaway!!!

  90. My persona favorite is the Back in Black backdrop. It’s very elegant yet sexy at the same time. The uses for this backdrop are limitless. From an edgy rock photo shoot to a beautiful wedding, this is a backdrop that can fit in every occasion. I would like to enter for the woodgrain backdrop. As I feel it is somewhat like the Back in Black and can be used for many occasions. This is one backdrop that will make my pictures pop.

  91. I love the seahorse design, I can envision so many fun things with that! Frankly, I”d love to win the borrowlenses gift cert because I use them all the time, but the backdrops are pretty tempting!

  92. My favorite design on the site is SOHO. As for the giveaway, the seahorse backdrop is great, I’d love to bring that home!

  93. Oh my! I LOVE black keys, vintage, peacock, soho, wonderland and….oh the list goes on!! I would most like to win Something Blue-The Seahorse backdrop!

  94. Absolutely love the Sea Horse Backdrop. Blue is my fave color 🙂 I can see why it’s sold out so quickly… it’s lovely! I would love the chance to win any of the options! Put me down for “any of the above” ♥

  95. My favs from the site are wonderland (hard to find an elegant white background that isn’t boring!) and poppy (that green!) Out of these I would have to choose sea horse. I’m shooting a friend’s wedding and I know she would love those colors with her scheme. I can’t say enough good things about borrowlenses, though. I’ve used them 3 or 4 times now for speciality lenses.

  96. Love love love the gypsy backdrop!! But if I could win….I’d have to go with the $100 from borrow lenses!!

  97. It’s so hard to pick just one, but love the classic “Sea Horse” backdrop for sure!! And I already love borrowlenses too!

  98. I like them all, especially the Sea Horse backdrop. But I think if I won, I’d go for the Gypsy backdrop because it is so unlike anything else I have.

  99. I LOVE the Peacock backdrop on the site. I would love to win the SeaHorse Backdrop. (Borrowlenses would be cool too.)

  100. My favorite design has to be Sea Horse. and for that id definately have to pick the something blue option!!!!

  101. I love perusing drop it MODERN!! I am now on the verge of starting my own studio (I am an on location photographer as of now) and would love some drop it MODERN back drops to start with! I love the Something Blue…that is amazing. Also love BorrowedLenses.com. Use them all the time.

  102. My favorite design is the woodgrain backdrop. And I love everything about borrowlenses.com!!

  103. that blue can be so versatile…modern, classic, chic, vibrant yet cool!

  104. Happy Birthday and many, many more!!! I have fallen in love with the Gypsy backdrop! It’s completely gorgeous! I would love to win any of the options…..old, new, borrowed, blue….they’re all awesome!!

  105. I absolutely the their Wonderland backdrop! So dreamy. Man I’d love to win any of them shown above, but my favorite is “Something Blue”.

  106. LOVE the back in black on the site!!! Love the something borrowed, but something new is pretty fabulous too!!!!

  107. I really like SOHO and Something Blue.

  108. My favorite backdrop is peacock. I love the colors!! If I won, I would love the borrowlenses giftcard! 🙂

  109. The Greydiant is definitely my favorite, but there are a lot to choose from! I’d love to win the borrow lenses gift cert to try a lens I’ve never used before!

  110. I love the seahorse backdrop and woodgrain! If I had to choose one to bring home I would have to pick Seahorse!

  111. I love them all, but I have 3 faves. The seahorse, soho, and woodgrain. The woodgrain is probably the most versatile though.

  112. I forgot to mention, that I’d probably want to win the something old because I can use it more than renting a lens one time even though I adore borrow lenses.

  113. I love the Vintage backdrop! I’d love to win I the gift card from borrowlenses.com and try a new lens.

  114. I like the Woodgrain and Vintage designs from dropitmoden.com. I would definitely go with Something Borrowed. I’m dieing to try some new lenses! =)

  115. It is so hard to go to a site and pick one you like, but I love the sea horse. And as far as what I would want to win any of them would be AWESOME but of course the something blue. But really any of them would be awesome to win.

  116. I am so in love with vintage vibe of the something blue! I want some photos of me with that backdrop.

  117. My favorite from the site is Greydiant. And as far as the giveaway is concerned, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Something Old – Woodgrain 🙂

  118. i’m so torn! love the gypsy, but sea horse is a classic. oh, and which drop is that behind the model with the book, quite nice as well! borrow lenses, big love to you too!

  119. Seahorse and Greydient are two of my favorites. I would love to win Seahorse!

  120. Oooh I’ve never seen these backgrounds before and love borrowed lenses. Fav: background would be back in black. I would choose something new!

  121. From the website, I really like Back in Black. Nice texture without being distracting. From the choices above, I like the Woodgrain. Classic and versatile.

  122. Absolutely love seahorse and wonderland!

  123. Love the Woodgrain backdrop and the Seahorse. For the giveaway, would like to win the Borrowed lenses gift certificate or any of the others. 🙂

  124. My favorite design from drop it modern’s website is Mustard Seed. I just love the color. If I win I would love any of these prizes but my favorite is something blue. That is a great backdrop! Thank you for the great giveaway opportunity!

  125. These backdrops are amazing!! I want the something borrowed, it’s more fun!

  126. Something Blue! the Sea Horse backdrop is my fav! I love the color and how classic it is!

  127. Something blue is my favorite definitely! I would LOVE to have Seahorse Backdrop in my studio <3<3

  128. Really loving Greydient and Vintage! Thanks for the giveaway!

  129. Something must be NEW or BLUE!

  130. Happy Happy Birthday! I love the new Greydient and the Vixen from drop it Modern, but I would LoVe to win the SeaHorse! The gift certificate to borrowed lenses sounds awesome as well 🙂 Hope you guys have a great one!

  131. I have to go with the gypsy – its so bright and pretty. I can’t imagine taking a bad picture in front of it. And thank you for mentioning borrowedlenses.com – I’ve been lusting after a new lens and now I can try some out before I decide!

  132. I Love Seahorse! But all of the Backdrops from drop it Modern are beautiful!

  133. I LOVE the gypsy, I think it would make for some really awesome portraits. I would love something new.

  134. I want the Peacock drop!

  135. I am in love with the new designs! I am totally in love with the Black Keys design in particular. I would love to win the Something Blue, the seahorse backdrop! I love it!

  136. I’d have to go with Sea Horse or something borrowed!

  137. I love the Greydiant backdrop but given the choice I would definitely have to go with “something borrowed”. We’re going to South Africa for our honeymoon and we want a telephoto lens to take with us on safari so we can capture all the amazing animals.

  138. A very happy birthday to Junebug My favourite … so far … has been the black on black. It’s such a versatile back drop. Would love the Gypsy though to brighten up my collection!

  139. I love the sea horse backdrop! That’s the one I would like to win…the something blue!

  140. Happy Birthday! I just found the drop it Modern website and the Back In Black and Vintage backdrops are my favorites. How does one choose between such great prizes??? They’re all so fantastic! I would choose blue, borrowed, new, then old.

  141. I would love the something borrowed Greydiant backdrop. Also a gift certificate to BorrowLenses.com would be awesome. They are such a great company and I use them all the time!

  142. Oh I adore “wonderland” and “greydiant” and “back in black”…actually I could just keep going all day. I love them all. I would love to win borrowed…and blue. I can’t decide. Winning any of them would make my day!

  143. I think it’s a tie between the wood and seahorse, but if I had to pick one, I think the seahorse would win by a hair. The color combo is fantastic.

  144. I would absolutely LOVE to have the Something Borrowed backdrop for a photo shoot area at my wedding – these are all fabulous!

  145. Really like something blue – Sea Horse backdrop. But any of the choices would be wonderful!

  146. I love all of the designs from drop it MODERN. If I had to choose one, I think it’d be Sea Horse…or Greydient. Sea Horse would be a dream to win and so fun to shoot! Thanks!! Corey

  147. Oh, something borrowed! And I love the Wonderland backdrop!

  148. Man, it’s so hard to pick just one backdrop from Drop It Modern. Their all so cool. If your going to make me, then I would have to say Blue. Specially since it’s so hard to get and sold out a lot of the time. Sea Horse please.

  149. I just love Greydient!

  150. I love them all! but I would love to have the Gypsy backdrop. It looks so bright and fun!

  151. I am sooo in love with “Borrowed”. It’s classic and clean and of course MODERN! Another personal favorite of mine from their website is: * POPPY * . It’s so unique and colorful! I’m just about to start incorporating a photobooth so this would be so helpful if I won!

  152. i like the first one and the one with the yellow book.. nice but nothing extravagant.. could be used in a lot of things 😀 happy birthday btw 😀 and yay borrowlenses 😀

  153. Gypsy is my fave! But I really want to win the borrowed lenses certificate!!!

  154. I absolutely love the “Vintage” backdrop on the Drop it Modern web site. Of the choices here – I’d love the “Something Blue – the Sea Horse backdrop.” Hope to win- these are great backdrops!

  155. I’m in LOVE with a few of these fabulous backdrops! I had never heard of you guys until perusing through my friends twitter feed and I am SO glad I came across you! If I won, I would love something OLD……Woodgrain texture, yes please!!! Katie L Wright

  156. My favorite Drop it Modern backdrop is SOHO I would like to win SEA HORSE

  157. From the site, I absolutely love the new Greydient, but I would be super stoked to win “something new”!

  158. My favorite backdrop is Sea Horse… i would love the something Blue backdrop (sea horse)

  159. I absolutely love the new modern Gypsy backdrop and would love to win “Something New”

  160. My favorite from the site? I’ve been sitting here for 15 min trying to choose…. But it I have to pick just one of my favorites I’d go with SOHO! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I would LOVE something OLD though! 😉

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