Wedding Bouquets by Kathy Wright & Company

August 26, 2009 | editorial team

The wedding bouquets in our recent Monique Lhuillier Fashion Report at the Del Mar Racetrack were created by the endlessly talented Kathy Wright and Company, and we loved them all so much that we just had to give them their own blog post! Read on to learn about what went into each beautiful creation…

White and yellow wedding bouquet made of white japhet orchids and stephanotis, image by La Vie Photography

This luxurious white wedding bouquet was made of white japhet orchids and stephanotis, and had a thick white satin ribbon around its base. The edges of the orchids had the most delicate and detailed looking texture, and we adored the pop of yellow in their centers too. Amazing!


Vintage style wedding bouquet made from caramel cymbidium orchids and hand painted hydrangea, image by La Vie Photography

This rich, antique looking bouquet was made from caramel cymbidium orchids and hand painted hydrangea! (Yes! Hand painted! It was so creative!) It worked amazingly well with the creamy lace and textured layers of fabric in the Monique Lhuillier wedding gowns, and would be absolutely stunning with a color palette of oranges, creams, browns and metallics in a wedding of any season.


Birds of paradise wedding bouquet, tropical orange, yellow, green and purple wedding color palette, image by La Vie Photography
(all images by La Vie Photography)

And speaking of creative, this bouquet was made entirely of birds of paradise. It was a modern, tropical work of art! Its orange, yellow, green and purple colors were so vibrant, and its shape was so spectacular, it was a true show stopper. We were thrilled to get to work with it, to say the least! Thank you Kathy for your artistry and generosity! We are fans for life!

To see more wedding fashion inspiration from this shoot and many others, be sure to visit our Fashion Report section!

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  1. The bouquets are absolutely amazing! I especially love the Birds of Paradise Bouquet, it’s truly unique and an eye catcher!

  2. It’s hard to say which one of these I like the most. They’re all so beautiful The birds of paradise is definitely unique, but the other two are just stunning.

  3. Yellow never looked so elegant. The orchid bouquet is dreamy!

  4. They’re all so beautiful! I always recommend Kathy to my brides and now I’m going to point them to this blog so they can see for themselves why I do so!

  5. Kathy is amazing, so unique and detail oriented. She did my wedding and it was simply breathtaking! Flowers my guests still talk about! Love the birds of paradise in these shots.

  6. nice colors

  7. that bird of paradise bouquet is bad ass!!

  8. Such a stunning wedding bouquet, that orange is so vibrant, I have never seen such a bouquet with these tropical colours.

  9. Great Job Kathy! The Bouquets are so beautiful… Thanks for sharing!

  10. One of the hardest parts of arranging a wedding is deciding what type of wedding bouquet to use… Thanks for ideas!

  11. It’s is first time that i saw. The bouquet of bird of paradise is reall awesome!! Great color and Gorgeours!!

  12. Wow! absolutely fabulous this antique looking bouquet that0 made from caramel cymbidium orchids,I love it so much. Keep posting guys! vitton

  13. Thats so elegant and beautiful. Kinda perfect. And also as they said that most flowers have a meaning, and an orchid symbolizes perfection. This makes them a great flower for a wedding. The meaning alone, really sets the tone for your new life together. Thank you for sharing it to us readers.

  14. The wedding bouquets is lovely……….

  15. Im interester in the japhet bouquet, How much is it? and are those organza or real flowers? Thank you, Jessica

  16. The bouquets that of made of birds of paradise is so unique, I rarely see such beautiful bouquet around or maybe this is my first. The caramel cymbidium orchids bouquet is classic, I love it as well, the color is just amazing.

  17. knowing that I want a bouquet made only of birds of paradise for my wedding later this year, I did a little googling. And seeing that bouquet I know that I am not wrong. It’s wild. It’s different. It’s freaking beautiful. Love it! :)

  18. I like the first bouquet so simple yet elegant with the bride holding it. White and yellow are great combination.

  19. What is Kathy Wright’s price range for bouqet’s and for the whole shabang?

  20. Hi Keili – For pricing and additional information, please contact Kathy and her team directly at http://www.kathywrightandco.com/index.html. Thanks!

  21. The orchid flower bouquet is absolutely gorgeous!

  22. Lovely pictures and so inspirring!

  23. Wow! Those wedding bouquets are really elegant and stunning. It’s really one of a kind. Thanks for sharing this to us.

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  30. Damn really loved the bird of paradise bouquet. Thanks for sharing.

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