St. Augustine Love Story – January and Rory

September 4, 2014 | carrie

wedding portrait, photo by Still55 Photography | via junebugweddings.com

Photo by Still55 Photography

The Couple

January and Rory

How They Met

We were set up by two friends. January was in on it, and we went over to her friend’s house in the morning. I was invited over for pancakes, and then “oh and I think our friend January is over too,” and that was it. January went to Denver for a week to visit friends, and when she came back, we were inseparable. Four months later, we were engaged.

The Moment They Met

We knew pretty quickly, and probably would have been married in a week if we didn’t think everyone would call us crazy.

The Proposal

Rory proposed just before dinner at my parents house in Upstate New York. We were there for a long weekend, and we were going to get on our plane to go back home in a couple hours. Just before we ate, Rory said, “I have a few things to say,” and I looked over and he was taking the ring out of his pocket and getting down on one knee. I think I said something like, “this is really happening?” before I hugged him and said YES!

I Always Think of My Partner When…

January – “I smell coffee brewing, or hear the coffee grinder.

Rory – “I think about her quite a bit– somewhere between ‘very often,’ and ‘all the time’. I think about her most consistently when I’m getting dressed, because she has a better fashion sense than I do and I don’t always put outfits together very well.

Thank you January and Rory for sharing your love story with us! To view their gorgeous Romantic Blush and Mint Wedding in St. Augustine.


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