Groom’s Wedding Boutonniere Inspiration

July 29, 2010 | editorial team

green succulent groom's wedding boutonniere - photo by Stephanie Cristalli Photography
green succulent wedding boutonniere photo by Stephanie Cristalli Photography

Beautiful floral boutonnieres are some of the most fun fashion accessories to come up with to add to your groom and groomsmen’s wedding day looks, and I’m very happy to say that our new image gallery is full of fabulous ideas! We have gorgeous photos of every kind of boutonniere you can think of – from crafty and creative to formal and elegant, so if you’ve got boutonnieres on the brain, take a look at these beauties here, and jump over to our image gallery for even more! (Though I do apologize in advance if it breaks your heart to have to choose just one!)

creative and colorful groom's wedding boutonnieres
Casual wedding boutonniere photos top to bottom by: Kenny Nakai Photography, Cheri Pearl Photogrpahy, John and Joseph Photography, Jay Lawrence Goldman, Karen Hill Photography, Jeremy Harwell Photography, J. Garner Photography


formal groom's wedding boutonnieres
Formal wedding boutonniere photos top to bottom by: Yvette Roman Photography, Yvette Roman Photography, Karen Hill Photography, Kenny Nakai Photography, Karen Hill Photography


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  1. There are two things I love about these boutonnieres: One, most of these are hardy flowers that are easily found at your local florist, and two, the presentation boards. What an easy way to present boutonnieres, and set yourself apart!

  2. Ahh I adore that last one in white! Such simple elegance.

  3. Awesome pics and great way to present Boutonniere. Love the blog! Superb

  4. Those are some beautiful photographs that really show off the uniqueness and gorgeousness of the boutonniere. Thank you for sharing!

  5. These boutonnieres are a fantastic accessory for the groom’s tuxedo or formalwear. And just think how many different looks you can achieve with a traditional tuxedo. You can add a vest or waistcoat in a color that matches or complements the wedding colors, or go with the classic black or white. The options are endless.

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