Wedding Ideas: Love Story

Junebug Love Story – Beth & Carter’s Enchanted Rock Proposal

November 6, 2014 | nicole

Some love stories make us cry, while others fill us with laughter. The way Beth tells she and Carter’s love story is as humorous as it is sweet. It’s safe to say their Enchanted Rock proposal was a long time coming–a really long time, as Beth recalls! Read on to see how they went from Subway sandwiches to happily ever after. How They Met: Beth: In law school – in line at Subway, embarrassingly enough! Carter said he was […]

Junebug Love Story – Nicole and Fernando’s Save the Date Proposal

October 2, 2014 | carrie

How They Met: “Fernando was hired to do freelance graphic design work for one of my events. Much to my dismay, my boss had scheduled an after hours meeting on St. Patrick’s Day so that Fernando could come to the office for an in-person meeting. I was still planning to meet up with friends after the quick meeting so when Fernando came to the office I greeted him at door in my Leprechaun Tuxedo shirt […]

Junebug Love Story – Katie & Richard’s Australian Proposal

September 25, 2014 | carrie

How They Met: “We met working together in a bar back in 2001. We lost touch but found each other again through mutual friends in 2008” When They Fell in Love: “When we moved in together 6 months after our reunion, we were never apart.” The Proposal: “We were living in Sydney Australia at the time. It was Winter (July) 2012 and Richard had taken me away for the weekend to Kanagroo Valley. I was […]

Low Key Beach Proposal – Whitney and Nick

September 18, 2014 | carrie

We were blown away by Whitney and Nick’s simple and sophisticated wedding in Oregon a few weeks ago. Similar to their wedding, their love story is just as modest and sweet. We know you’ll fall in love with their story, especially Nick’s low key beach proposal! How They Met “We have known each other since riding the bus together in second grade. We grew up as neighbors and were high school sweethearts.” When They Knew […]

NYC Love Story – James and Elizabeth

September 11, 2014 | carrie

James and Elizabeth met online and almost didn’t meet in person, funny enough. After sharing their sentimental wedding with us last month, we wanted to share their adorable NYC love story with you today. Enjoy! How They Met Whenever asked this question, we always answer honestly – we met online. But, in reality, there was quite a bit involved in our meeting. Our date almost didn’t happen. We almost missed each other. There was quite […]

St. Augustine Love Story – January and Rory

September 4, 2014 | carrie

Photo by Still55 Photography The Couple January and Rory How They Met “We were set up by two friends. January was in on it, and we went over to her friend’s house in the morning. I was invited over for pancakes, and then “oh and I think our friend January is over too,” and that was it. January went to Denver for a week to visit friends, and when she came back, we were inseparable. […]

Marine Love Story: Rachel and Justin

August 31, 2014 | carrie

Rachel and Justin’s love story isn’t a meet cute from a John Hughes’ movie, in fact, it’s so much better. After meeting in high school, Justin went on to pursue a military career as a Marine. Leading two completely different lives, their love for each other grew despite this distance in mileage and lifestyle.  Wanting to capture Rachel and Justin’s engagement with a timeless, vintage feel, Aisha Khan, from Ama Photography and Cinema, took the […]

Toronto Love Story: Carlie and Brian

August 28, 2014 | carrie

Carlie and Brian’s Romantic Candlelit Ceremony in Toronto had us all swooning to hear more of their tale. Call it destiny, call it chance, we think their Toronto love story is pretty darn cute. How They Met: Carlie: “We met when I was bartending at Boston Pizza while attending Brock University. Brian ran a men’s hockey league in the area, and I sponsored his teams through the restaurant.” Falling in Love: “Brian and I had […]

Junebug Love Story: Dorothy and Mac

August 21, 2014 | lexi

After we obsessed over Dorothy and Mac’s breathtaking Austin garden wedding, we were dying to know how they met and fell in love. We adore them even more after hearing about how Mac told Dorothy he had a “crush” on her… How They Met – Dorothy: We met while we were living in Manhattan! I am from Austin, Mac is from Houston and went to University of Texas in Austin… and we met in New York. How They Fell […]

Junebug Love Story: Chezlie and Joey

August 11, 2014 | carrie

Us Junebug girls sure do have a soft spot for all things love. That’s why we’ve decided to start sharing the love story behind the wedding from some of our favorite Junebug couples in a new series called “Junebug Love Stories”. We hope these stories bring you as much happiness and lumps in your throat as they have for us! Having recently featured Chezlie and Joey’s fabulous destination wedding in Cancun, we were curious about […]