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John Mark Films



John-Mark is a UK & London based Destination Wedding Videographer & Destination Wedding Photographer. John-Mark provides clients a unique brand of Filmmaking & Photography designed for clients who are detailed in their approach in choosing someone to document their Wedding. A minimal Filmmaker & Photpgrapher with the approach of less is more focusing in on true storytelling to shape the picture. Non intrusive is key for clients who want to enjoy their entire Wedding celebrations with minimal fuss.


John-Mark has and does work across unique Destinations creating Wedding Videography & Photography that is creatively aspiring and critically acclaimed with multiple awards to his name. "Personal connections with clients can be very rewarding but the style in which I document a Wedding is always consistent, natural aspects of Wedding Photography & Videography sometimes go without thought". From a filmmaking point of view light, composition and general framing of the picture is thought deeply.


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