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Happy Together Films



In 2012 we formed Happy Together Films.
Since we started, doing something unlike everything else in the wedding videography field was paramount for us. There are amazing wedding videographers out there, so, very organically and naturally, we knew that the difference lied in us, in our own personalities. We are Happy Together, and what we do ends up by being a mirror of what we are as two distinct individuals, this is what sets us apart.

We like simple things and think of ourselves as minimalists. 
Adding something to our project, home and life has to be with a purpose. The style of the films that we produce reflects this way of thinking.
We like to create an intimate atmosphere with the couples we work with. Dedication and exclusivity are the words! We very seldom film more than a wedding per weekend, never more than one in a day. In a year we do only 25 weddings. Time is precious. We like to take our time in post-production, editing takes us about one to two weeks. It’s just the two of us doing all the work, we like it this way. Small teams tend to form a more intimate and personal relationship with the couples they work with.

Wedding videography should be poetic and full of positive and overwhelming sensations.
We are drawn to simplicity and genuine moments. These are the things that should be kept for eternity.

We want your day to be everything you hoped for and will do our best to capture the essence of your love.



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