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We are passionate and inspired by the art of film. We appreciate the beauty of well composed shots, capture of natural light and colors of nature and environment that surrounds you. Utilizing multiple camera angles more we aim to capture the inner you: your uniqueness, real emotions, joy and love of the two people professing their devotion to each other and beginning their life journey as one.   

Just us marrying couples - no wedding celebration is the same. That’s why we do not have a standard, cookie cutter blueprints to filming and editing. We stay away from the “wedding factory” mindset. Our approach is personal and creative. We believe that a good wedding film is like a good wine - it matures, acquires its flavor and gets better with time. For that to be true, the “ingredients” that make up the film have to be right. We pay attention to natural light, ambience, details and the overall atmosphere of the event. Each project is personal to us and all steps involved in making your wedding film are performed exclusively by us. We do not use third-party assistance in any step of production of your film.

The telling of your story begins and ends in the editing room. We spend ours selecting the best shots, adjusting their composition, light, colors, creating a look that would match your personalities and reflect the atmosphere of your celebration. We couple that by carefully selected music tracks by reviewing hundreds of different compositions. Due to a careful selective process of shots in the final stages of post-production, not all of them make the final cut. However, we do understand the value of every second of your special day. Therefore, in addition to the final, cinematic version of your film we also provide you with all the “raw” footage of the day. You will receive every single video and audio file that has been captured on our cameras at no additional cost to you.


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