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We are Weddings & Waves.

...a pair of sweethearts (literally) that craft cinema-grade videos capturing you and your lover’s most magical moments. 


Hi there good looking!

We’re Jo and Sal, the creatives behind Weddings & Waves… an award-winning film-grade videography and photography studio that captures you and your lover’s most wondrous moment; your wedding day


Our shared backgrounds in both cinematography and fashion photography allow us to film your special day in ways you’ve never seen done before… with emotion so powerful, so visceral that you can almost reach out and feel it. 


Wait, why Weddings & Waves?

Splendid question. We call ourselves Weddings & Waves for our deep love and connection with surfing and we’ve always found it to be a beautiful metaphor for weddings, too. 


Often times, weddings are filled with stunning waves of emotions… emotions of elation, love, compassion, joy and bliss.


Our work, our mission and our commitment to you comes down to capturing these waves of emotion so they can be remembered for a lifetime.


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