Best Wedding Videographers in Croatia

Ivan Crnjak



My name is Ivan, I’m a destination Wedding Videographer based in Croatia.

When I was a kid I would always write notes of my thoughts. Today I can capture these thoughts through my camera. My job gives me the opportunity to tell the story of love. A Wedding day is full of emotions and spontaneous moments and I really enjoy capturing these memories just as they happen. Being a discreet videographer and having fun while capturing a piece of art is what I will always be proud of.

I start every day with a coffee. Love to swim during summer and ski during winter. I enjoy the sound of a guitar, run to relax my mind and follow almost every sport. I’m a passport stamps collector and interested in all kinds of gadgets.

I’m married to my beautiful wife Lorena and we have two gorgeous little kids – Lucija and Jakov. They are my greatest support. My inspiration. My balance.

Special thanks to my friend and super talented Wedding Photographer Sasa Tomic for these amazing photos.



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