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At Runaway Romance, we are all about YOU! Our motto is less hype, more happy. 

Your wedding is your special day. You get to make a lifelong commitment to the person you love and have chosen above all others. We absolutely believe that planning a wedding should be a fun, drama-free experience for you, from beginning to end. We want to plan your unforgettable unique, dream wedding day with you! 

We use non-traditional venues and suppliers to create exciting celebrations that have never been seen or experienced before. We use our unique perspective and knowledge to give you a stunning alternative to the hype, cost and pressures that come with weddings. 

We offer three packages, depending on how many people you would like to join you on this special day. Our elopement package is for 2 to 10 people (this is our favourite!). We also offer a mini wedding package for 11 to 30 people and then a small wedding package for 31 to 80 people. If you are from out of town or have out of town guests, we can plan and manage some interesting pre and post wedding events so that everyone makes the most of the time together and gets to enjoy more of the South African experience. 


This is the most romantic thing you can do for each other - an elopement allows you to start your married life with only your nearest and dearest present, or with just the two of you. If you don't want all the fuss and politics that go with a bigger wedding, then this is for you! 

Elopements are exciting, adventurous, romantic and perfect for the trail blazing couples of the world who aren’t afraid to do life their way. This will be the best wedding come honeymoon decision you ever make. Eloping opens up a world of possibilities giving you (and your 10 or less guests) choices of venues, destinations and suppliers that are light years ahead of what is available in the traditional wedding industry. They can also be arranged on fairly short notice and have a very special place in our hearts and company.

Mini and Small Weddings

If you want close family and friends to join you on your special day and also want something different, we offer wedding planning for less than 80 people. Having less than 80 guests gives you the opportunity to treat yourselves to a different kind of wedding experience - one that is full of romance and is totally focused on what you love the most as a couple. You'll have the creative freedom to really have the wedding you want in the exciting non-traditional venue you love. Your wedding day budget is able to include the luxuries and experiences you never could with a big wedding. 

Just in case we didn't make it clear, we love small weddings and especially elopements. We love looking for new, dramatic, beautiful spaces to host your wedding. We love coming up with new ideas and ways to do things. We plan each wedding to suit each couple so that it's uniquely "you". All we want to do is make sure you enjoy yourselves - on the day, all you need to do is arrive, get ready, say I Do and have the time of your lives. We take care of everything else so that you can celebrate your love with no drama. 



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