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Ilaria Manaresi Wedding Planner in Tuscany


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"Ilaria Manaresi Wedding Planner and Designer" is a boutique wedding planner studio specialized in designing, planning and coordinating exclusive and bespoke destination weddings in the most amazing venues of Tuscany for an international clientele. 

Ilaria was born and raised in Florence and she spent her whole life roaming around and seeking for the hidden pearls and Tuscany niche locations for a wedding within the region. It is safe to say that Tuscany has not many secret spots left for her!

After her career as Interior designer, she managed to combine her passion for Design with her experience in organizing events, especially weddings, and make it into her profession. She started her career as professional wedding planner ten years ago.

"Getting married in Italy will not be as complicated as it might sound for a foreign couple: thanks to my decadal experience and to the care and passion I put into each and every wedding I plan, it will be as embarking on an unforgettable, exciting journey and your wedding day will fulfill all your dreams!"

Ilaria is known for her great network of high quality selected suppliers, her loyalty to her clients and her attention to details.

Empathy, Kindness, Authenticity and Creativity are the Values she believes in, that she brings in her approach to the clients and that reflect each wedding she creates.


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  • Passionate 1
  • Prompt 1
  • Friendly and fun to work with 1
  • Creative and/or artistic 1
  • Trustworthy and honest 1
  • Quality of service 1
  • Sabrina S.
  • Bargino Castle
  • Reviewed on March 21, 2023
We hired Ilaria to set up the venue decorations for my wedding. Ilaria was fabulous, experienced, and very creative. She did a great job and the few items that were different than planned she made sure to fix immediately. Can't recommend her enough!
  • Passionate
  • Prompt
  • Friendly and fun to work with
  • Creative and/or artistic
  • Trustworthy and honest
  • Quality of service


Ilaria Manaresi Wedding Planner in Tuscany

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