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Hey, I'm Brianna, but most people call me Bri. In the last 9 years, I've spent my life searching to document love and life in all of its different forms, from sleepy, slow Sundays nestled up in bed to boisterous nights together screaming the words to your favorite songs. I'm gonna be pretty blunt about myself: I am not a light person. I hate small talk (it makes me feel very awkward), and I'm crap at networking. I'm not a casual friend who you talk to every once and a while, who has mild hobbies and is super laidback.

What I am: steadfast and obsessive. I fell in love at 16 to a boy with deep brown eyes and never stopped falling. I'm an oversharer at heart, constantly yearning to find others who hate casual pleasantries and just want to jump right into the heart of themselves. I may not have huge groups of friends, but the friends I have are family. I reread and rewatch all of my favorite movies, tv shows, and books because I love the comfort of them, and I always learn something new each time I visit them.

I'm the mom friend that wants to take care of and problem solve for everyone around me, including my clients. I want to nurture and educate, to take people's hands and guide them to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve.

I want to live and create in the reality that exists when you peel back the layers and expose the truth. I want to document moments of people's lives like I used to photograph my life in high school, like they're MY moments, to keep a piece of the memory frozen forever. When it comes to my work, I love weird. I love couples who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, figuratively or literally. My co-photographer Haely once described our style as editorial nostalgia, and I truly can't think of a better way to describe it.

I want to get to know my clients intimately, to laugh with them in times of happiness and empathize in times of stress. It's imperative to the process of documenting: how can I accurately capture your love if I don't know the truth of it? How else can I earn your trust so you feel comfortable sharing that truth?

I am not a light person. I can be too much for some: too intense, too strange, too awkward. My photography and personality are not for everyone, but they ARE perfect for someone. If that someone is you, I'd love to chat more.







Mossfloor Photography

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