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The human heart yearns for narrative; we look for meaning in storytelling.  At the intersection of your love story and my documenting it is a gallery of photographs that defy meaning.  It goes so far beyond strategic posing and beautiful locations.  It's the collection of the gallery of a whole that creates value in the hearts of my clients. There is lasting magic in interpreting truth into imagery.  As the day falls away in memory, your photos remain a breathing and infinite representation of a day you will never live twice.  My clients say that this is the treasure of working together, and that my presence on their wedding day put them at ease. 

I believe in real moments. My mission is to create space for and witness authentic moments of connection and capture them candidly and artfully. I learn your story, what makes you unique and fun and different, and weave that into my wedding day approach.  Your photos will be a genuine reflection of your partnership and your love for each other.  I know when to lead and when to simply take in and create.

I live in Seattle with my husband, baby, and giant orange cat.  I enjoy anything involving Thai food or burritos, marathons of home renovation shows or (due to my husband's influence) Star Trek.  I love yoga and painting, prioritize coffee and wine equally, and my favorite thing to do is to take weekend trips to new little towns and imagine my life if I moved there.  I love antiques for their soul but really love modern design.  I became a photographer because I wanted to be an artist but needed to work directly with people.  It's here in this space that I am happiest, creating beautiful images but also delivering immense joy to those I work with.

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