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Hey, I’m Aimée! (Pronounced M.A. It’s French, I’m *not* French, it’s just a whole thing). I grew up in the midwest believing only people on TV had adventures- and then in college I visited the mountains for the first time. And whew boy- I was hooked. So much so that a few years later I packed up my stuff and moved west.


And here's the thing: you deserve a wedding day that is legit, totally, completely, whole hog, your best freaking day ever. So take a second. Think of the happiest days of your life so far. What do you see? Monogrammed cocktail napkins? Racing around in a rush? Meeting the demands and expectations of everyone …everyone but  you?


Uh, don’t know about you, but my reaction to that is a firm “no thanks.” What about this instead; Quiet mountain air and the warmth of the sun. Freedom and heart splitting joy. Just you, the person you’ve decided is your forever, and the sky as your witness. Yeah. That’s my jam.


And my role as your photographer goes way beyond just grabbing epic photos (though there will be plenty of that for sure!) I’m here to walk you through every step leading up to your rad wedding day experience. All my packages include:

  • - An 84 page elopement guide, exclusive to my rad couples
  • - A questionnaire so I can get to know all my couples- personally AND about your elopement hopes and dreams!
  • - In depth location scouting based on exactly the experience you want
  • - Personalized vendor list full of industry folks I know and trust
  • - Timeline construction so you don’t have to worry about travel times, when sunset is, or other logistical headaches. Your timeline will be relaxed and focused on your experience (not just a full day photo shoot)
  • - Guidance on the permit application process
  • - A gallery full of banger photos. Don’t worry- you get all the good ones 🙂
  • - Unlimited access to me- I love answering questions and helping out so whenever you need a quick chat, I can make it happen.

And friends, I would love to chat with you about all your elopement dreams. Check out my website for more info, details, and inspiration 🙂


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